September 2022 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Grant Runner Cipher and Cloud Migration Transition is migrating their infrastructure to the cloud. This migration includes changes to their security protocols required for system-to-system solutions like SAGE Grant Runner. Grant Runner has been updated to redirect opportunity lookup and submissions to their new cloud environment, and to comply with the required security updates.

There are no new Grant Runner features being released with this update, and no user impact is expected.

Bug Fix: SAGE Performance Issues Due to Status Check Batch Job

An update has been made to a status checking component of SAGE to consolidate the calls to and improve performance issues reported by users.

SAGE Suite-Wide

Technical Updates – Transition to New Developer Tools

As part of an ongoing effort to improve the SAGE infrastructure, modernize the technology, and streamline the technical work, we are releasing updates that better manage the code used for developing our user interfaces. This update will provide developers with better tools for test automation and code compartmentalization by business area. The result is an increase in our ability to release more quickly and with higher confidence in code quality.

Adjustments to FCOI Labels

As sponsors of all types have matured their financial conflict of interest (FCOI) policies, more have come into alignment with the rules originally adopted by Public Health Service (PHS) sponsors. Terminology across SAGE that previously referred to “PHS Training” has been updated to “FCOI training” to avoid confusion about proposals and awards with non-PHS sponsors.