September 2014 Grant Runner Fixes


Grant Runner Error Message Corrections

A few minor corrections were needed for some of the validation messages.

  • The error message associated with the Congressional District on the Performance Sites form was not fully displayed in the summary of error list at the top of the form.
  • A pop-over message was inadvertantly showing when it should not have been for item 10 on the Research Plan form.
  • Error messages associated with the attachments for the Other Project Information form were not clearing after the errors were resolved until the form was refreshed.

Grant Runner Read-Only View Display Issue

The income budget periods section of the Cover Page Supplement form was inadvertently being hidden in the read-only view.

Grant Runner Conditional Attachment Issue

On the Grant Runner Research Plan form, when the Application Type changed from Resubmission to New, and the user had already uploaded the Introduction to Application attachment, that attachment was appearing in the submission even though it was no longer required due to the type change. This scenario is unlikely to occur much if at all, but the fix assures that the conditionally-required attachment will not be submitted if the application type changes to one where this attachment is not applicable.