March 2023 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Suite-Wide

HR/Payroll Web Service Update

As part of the Finance Transformation Workday changes, the HR/Payroll data source used by SAGE for personnel information has undergone some restructuring. The SAGE-side changes are mostly unnoticeable to users, but were quite extensive, impacting all places where UW people are searched for and selected throughout the SAGE Suite. Below are the high level areas where the data source has been updated.

  • eGC1 Personnel search
  • eGC1 Approvals – add approvers and watchers
  • Principal Investigator searches suite-wide
  • Contacts & access updates suite-wide
  • Task list searches by personnel suite-wide
  • Saving of comments and history suite-wide
  • FIDS profiles
  • AUMS profiles and supervisor search
  • SAGE Budget UW personnel selection
  • SAGE Budget UW personnel pay details

Preferred Names for Personnel, Contacts and Access

At the request of faculty and other SAGE users, the Office of Research has changed the way UW staff names display across the SAGE Suite, to show Preferred Names, instead of legal name. This change is in effect for new adds or changes to UW personnel on SAGE work items only. Previous records will continue to show the name saved at the time it was originally selected. To help our administrative staff reconcile names, the Personnel Chooser will display both preferred and legal names, but upon selection, only the preferred name will be saved to the eGC1, Subaward, etc.

Personnel Chooser Update

personnel chooser results with preferred name

Note: Due to time constraints we may not be able to update ALL areas of SAGE with preferred name for this release. We will focus initially on PI and Personnel and Reviewer names for approvals, then incrementally update other areas such as contacts and access in subsequent releases.

Person Search Behavior Changes

There are a few key person search changes to be aware of:

  1. 2 character minimum on first and last name searches. If you are used to searching for people by last name, first initial, you will need to temporarily change your approach to get results. You must enter at least 2 characters for either the first or last name. As usual, you can also search by only the first or last name. For example,
    1. Correct: Searching by “Chung, Ju” will return all staff with a last name beginning with “Chung” and first name beginning with “Ju”.
    2. Correct: Searching by “Judy” will return all staff with the name “Judy.”
    3. Incorrect: Searching by “Chung, J” will not return results, since the first name criteria is less than 2 characters.

This 2-character minimum requirement for first name is expected to be removed over the next couple of months, to support the common search needs for last name, first initial.

  1. PI & Personnel search criteria on the eGC1 will be applied against preferred name. When searching for and adding new PIs or Personnel to eGC1s, the personnel chooser shown above will search against “preferred name”. If you type in legal names as your search criteria, you may not get results if that person’s preferred name is different than their legal name. In the future (likely post FT go-live), we will look to build a more flexible solution that can search both legal and preferred names.
  2. SPAERC Applications Tasklist personnel search.
    1. Personnel Lookup Link: When SPAERC users search for eGC1 personnel using the personnel lookup link, the results will display based on the unique identifier for that person, so it will not matter if the eGC1 itself displays the legal name (for past items) or preferred name (items going forward). All records for that person will be returned based on their unique employeeID.
    2. Free-form Tasklist Search: When SPAERC users search any task list using the free-form PI last name and first name fields, those will be matched against the name saved on the work item (e.g. eGC1, FA, subaward, etc.) Keep this in mind as the work item could either include legal or preferred name depending on when it was created.
      free form search in SPAERC

FIDS Management Tool

Adjustments to FCOI Labels

Related to recent adoption of PHS rules for FCOI by a broader range of sponsor types, the language in the FIDS Management Tool for reviewers has been updated from “PHS” to a more generic phrasing of “IRR” to indicate Institutional Review Required.