February 2021 SAGE Maintenance Release

SAGE Budget

SAGE Budget Infrastructure and Styling Updates

The SAGE Budget infrastructure has been updated, enabling ORIS to deliver features more efficiently moving forward.

SAGE Budget has also been updated to include UW fonts and branding.

Previous Format

budget list with current look

New Format

budget list with new look

Sea Pay Added to Current Format Budgets

Proposals that include Sea Pay costs can now use SAGE Budget.

Steps to add Sea Pay to a budget:

  1. Turn on Sea Pay using the toggle in worksheet settings.

Include sea pay toggle

Note: With Sea Pay enabled, additional fields will display in the personnel side panel for each period.

  1. Enter the person’s hours of Sea Pay for each period. SAGE Budget will calculate the amount of Sea Pay using the hourly benefit rate for (01-86).

Note: The Sea Pay Benefit Rate is editable. When a custom Sea Pay Benefit Rate is entered, SAGE Budget will use it to calculate the Sea Pay benefits.

When both APL and Sea Pay are enabled in the worksheet settings, SAGE budget will use the APL 01-86 hourly benefit rate (instead of the standard APL benefit and leave rates) to calculate Sea Pay benefits.

personnel period side panel with A P L benefits and sea pay

When Sea Pay costs are added to a personnel cost, an “anchor” icon displays next to the person’s name.

sea pay personnel anchor icon

When the budget is connected to an eGC1, Sea Pay costs will appear on the eGC1 Budget & Fiscal Compliance page. For a Grant Runner eGC1, they will appear on the RR Detailed Budget.

Proposal Budgets that Include APL Fixed Fee Can Now Use SAGE Budget

Fixed Fee costs can be added to primary, internal, and fabrication worksheets and display as 19-40 costs on that worksheet. Fixed Fee costs can also be charged against subaward worksheets.

Steps to add Fixed Fee to a worksheet:

  1. Navigate to the worksheet’s settings. When APL is turned on, the Fixed Fee toggle will display. By enabling the Fixed Fee toggle you can select your Fixed Fee Base type and customize the Fixed Fee rate.

fixed fee toggle in worksheet settings

  1. Select one of the standard Fixed Fee base types or customize the base.

fixed fee base choices

When Custom is selected, a modal opens allowing you to select the object codes you want to include in the Fixed Fee base. Expanding each object code offers you the ability to select or deselect sub-object codes.

fixed fee custom base modal

On Subaward worksheets, Fixed Fee can be charged against the subrecipient’s costs.

To do so, enable Fixed Fee on the primary worksheet, and ensure 03-62 (outside services – subcontract) is included in the Fixed Fee base type. The Subaward worksheet settings will display the Fixed Fee rate and base type, read-only. Fixed Fee will be calculated on 03-62 lines items on the primary worksheet and on any subaward worksheets.

fix fee information on subaward worksheet

The Fixed Fee amount for a primary, internal, or fabrication worksheet is displayed in the Worksheet Totals.

fixed fee in worksheet totals section

The Fixed Fee total and amount for each worksheet is also displayed in the Project Totals within the Budget Summary.

Note: Fixed Fee is not part of a subrecipient’s cost to UW and will not appear in a subaward worksheet’s totals. Instead, you will see the amount of Fixed Fee charged against the subaward worksheet on the budget summary only.

fixed fee in project total section

Details on Fixed Fee calculations can be found in the SAGE Budget User Guide by clicking on the (?) icon next to the Fixed Fee toggle in worksheet settings.

Additional SAGE Budget Improvements

  • A help link to the SAGE Budget User Guide was added to the APL and Sea Pay sections in the worksheet settings.
  • Users can now see the full description of personnel sub-object codes and the Academic/Summer % effort.


SAGE Databases Have Been Updated for Use in RAM Cube

Updates have been made to productionize the data in the Research Administration Management (RAM) cube, enabling improved reporting for the Office of Sponsored Programs.