July 2013 Maintenance Release


Contact Phone Not Required

Contact Phone number will no longer be required for AUMS user profiles.

Add Job Description to View and Search

Job title will be added to the OHN nurses view to allow for tracking certain applications by a new AUMS user. The user will also be allowed to conduct searches on title to provide a filtered view of this application data.

Add UWPD to department drop-down menu

The UW police department will be added to the department drop-down menu and will point users to the short form for screening.

Add Allergies statement regarding PAPR

OHN nurses require users to provide more detailed allergy information when being screened for working around animals. Users will need to answer a question on N95 respirators or PAPR machines being used at work. Users will also be given a larger text box in which to type more details regarding their known allergies.