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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)—also known as the Stimulus Package or Recovery Act


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I have received my ARRA award. What do I do now?
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Congratulations on your award!

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) imposed specific reporting and funds management requirements on all projects/programs funded with ARRA funds. Remember that it is critical that these requirements are met.


How is the UW coordinating reporting on awards?
The UW Grant and Contract Accounting Office (GCA) will coordinate the reporting on awards to the FederalReporting.Gov central reporting system. Much of the information will be pulled from 4 central UW databases including SPAERC, SAGE, OPUS and FIN.

What data elements must be provided by Principal Investigators (PI)?
At this time, the following data elements will need to be provided by the PIs:

When are PIs required to submit these data elements?
PIs must submit data elements every quarter for each of their projects/programs.

How will PIs submit this data?
A web-based tool is being created. It will be pre-populated with some identifying project information and the PI will need to complete the rest of the data elements. PIs and administrators will receive an email notification reminding them to submit their data elements through the new online site. A web link will be provided.

Do I report on the progress each quarter or cumulatively over the life of the award?
Reports are required each quarter but provide cumulative data.

Are there different reporting requirements if the UW is the sub-recipient from another institution i.e. the sponsor is not the federal government.
Yes, there are additional requirements for sub-recipients. The UW will collect the PI data elements using the same web-based tool, supplement it with the data from UW databases and submit the report either to FederalReporting.gov or the prime sponsor. Prior to signing a sub-recipient agreement, the UW must have clarification on who submits the quarterly report. Will it be the responsibility of the prime recipient or is it delegated to the UW?

What if my grant has outgoing subcontracts? (awards that are made to another institution or business)
There are different reporting requirements for sub-awardees. The OSP Subcontracts Team will collect some of the data elements when the subcontract is set up. They will contact the subcontractor each quarter for the remaining data. The UW will submit this data as part of their report to federalreporting.gov. The PI will also need to communicate to the sub-recipient the importance of timely reporting.

Are there repercussions for not following these requirements?
Yes, the Recovery Act stipulates repercussions for not following the mandates including:

Do I need to read my Award Notification?
Yes. All ARRA awards will have specific indications that they are funded with Recovery Act funds. Many awards will have additional terms and conditions so it is recommended you carefully review your award document. OSP is usually copied on all awards, but you may want to contact your OSP Administrator for confirmation.

What award types are being issued?

What if I get ARRA funds in a non-20 budget?

ARRA funded research projects (outside of capital projects) will have a budget number of 20-xxxx. If you determine that your department has an ARRA award that was assigned a budget number other than 20-xxxx, please notify GCA immediately. Once the ARRA budget is set up appropriately GCA will work with the department to then transfer the expenditures off the incorrect budget to the correctly assigned ARRA budget.

Is processing an ARRA funded subcontract any different than the standard process?

It is same process, but the reporting requirements will be much more extensive.

Who do I contact with other reporting questions?
Please email uw-arra@uw.edu

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