With Community Partners:


Report to the President
from the
Task Force on University Public Service and Outreach

April 14, 1997


The Task Force on Public Service and Outreach of the University of Washington was appointed by President Richard McCormick on March 6, 1996, to make recommen-dations to strengthen, improve, and better communicate the value of the University's public service and outreach to the citizens of Washington. After a year of internal and external consultations and deliberations, the Task Force recommends a focused dialogue between the University and the community to jointly shape our public service and outreach activities and at the same time assist the State to meet the challenges of concern to society. We also recommend the UW do more to document and make visible the diverse set of public service activities it provides. We further recommend that modest new investments be made in order to get maximum value from our public service efforts by funding and ongoing public dialogue between the University and key constituencies; by providing both seed and focused grant funds to help form and sustain community partnerships that benefit all parties mutually; and lastly, by investing in oversight to ensure that public service achievements are appropriately recognized and communicated throughout the campus and to the public. The UW is a significant resource; implementing these recommendations will focus and strengthen our activities as well as enhance the value and integration of the UW in the fabric and well being of the State.

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