Board of Regents Agenda

Thursday, September 21, 2006
3:00 p.m.
Petersen Room
Allen Library

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I. Call to Order

Roll Call : Assistant Secretary Keith

III. Confirm Agenda
Report of the Chair of the Board of Regents: Regent Jewell
  Resolution of Appreciation for Shelly Yapp BP-1
Report of the University President: Dr. Emmert
VI Consent Agenda  
  Approval of Minutes of Meetings of July and August, 2006  
  Establishment of the Doctor of Philosophy in Rehabilitation Science in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine A-2
  Establishment of the Master of Science in Real Estate in the Department of Urban Design and Planning A-3
  University of Washington Medicine Board Appointments A-4
  Amendments to the UW Medicine Board Bylaws A-5
  Grant and Contract Awards - June, 2006 F-2
  Purchase - Computing System Upgrade F-3
  Business School Project - Phase 1: New Building - Project Presentation F-7
  Global Health Tenant Improvements at 1616 Eastlake F-8
  Playhouse Theater Renovation - Budget Increase and Schematic Design Presentation F-10
VII. Standing Committees  
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Cole - Chair  
    Academic and Administrative Appointments (ACTION) A-1
    Vision Planning: Next Steps (Information only) A-7
    Legislative Request Regarding Six-Year Pilot Funding Plan (Information only) A-8
  Joint Session  
  A. Academic and Student Affairs Committee: Regent Cole - Chair  
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Kiga - Chair  
    Research Enterprise: Strategic Planning, Risks & Trends (Information only) A-6
    Campaign UW - Creating Futures: New Student Scholarship Goal Matching Commitment (Information only) A-9
  B. Finance, Audit and Facilities Committee: Regent Kiga - Chair  
    Report of Contributions - June and July, 2006 (Information only) F-1
    Actions Taken Under Delegated Authority (Information only) F-4
    Metro Tract Quarterly Report (Information only) F-5
    Quarterly Investment Report (Information only) F-6
    Clark Hall Renovation - Schematic Design Presentation (Information only) F-9
  C. Committee of the Whole: Regent Jewell - Chair  
    2005-2006 President Evaluation  
VIII. Other Business  
  Reports from ex-officio representatives to the Board:  
    ASUW President - Mr. Cullen P. White  
    GPSS President - Ms. Kimberly A. Friese  
    Alumni Association President - Mr. Gregg Blodgett  
    Faculty Senate Chairman - Professor Gail Stygall  
IX. Election of Officers of the Board of Regents: (Per Bylaw)

Vice Chair
Assistant Secretary

X. Election of Members of the Executive Committee: (Per Bylaws)
(minimum of 6 Regents; President is Chair, ex officio)
XI. Date for Next Regular Meeting: October 19, 2006
XII. Executive Session
XIII. Adjournment