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Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Regents Simon (Chair), Barer, Gates, Proctor, Willynck

Thursday, March 19, 2009
8:15–9:30 a.m.
Rose Room, UW Building 1
UW Bothell Campus

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Academic and Administrative Appointments Action
Phyllis M. Wise, Provost and Executive Vice President
Adoption of Proposed New Chapter 478-128 WAC, Animal Control at the University of Washington; Repeal of WAC 478-124-060 through 478-124-100; and Amendment of WAC 478-108-010 Action
Rebecca Goodwin Deardorff, Director of Rules Coordination, Rules Coordination Office
Ray Wittmier, Assistant Police Chief, Support Services, University Police
Housekeeping Changes: Amending Standing Order No. 1 and Rescinding Five Obsolete Sections from the University Handbook Action
Rebecca Goodwin Deardorff
Establishment of the Department of American Indian Studies Action
Ana Mari Cauce, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Judith Howard, Divisional Dean, Arts and Humanities, College of Arts and Sciences
Tom Colonnese, Chair, Department of American Indian Studies
Faculty Presentation Information
Dan Jaffe, Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Program, Adjunct Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
UWB Student Presentation Information

Emily Anderson, ASUW Bothell President
Colton Lindelof, ASUW Bothell Vice President
Amira Davis, Executive Representative of Business Operations, ASUW Bothell
Kendra Porter, Executive Representative of Public Relations, ASUW Bothell
Xheni Diko, Executive Representative of Student Advocacy, ASUW Bothell

Other Business