Office of the Provost


Current Staff Changes

To request temporary pay adjustments, extensions, renewal or ending of temporary appointments, submit a completed Approval Request Form: Personnel Actions for Current Staff to Executive Office F&A 30 days in advance of desired day of change.

Hiring Timeline

The table below outlines the amount of lead time required by the Executive Office F&A team to review and process all hiring requests. These time-frames assume your request for hire/posting is accompanied by a completed hiring packet, which has been vetted by the appropriate approvers and includes:

  • A fully executed Hiring Approval Form and
  • Job Description
    • For Hourly Student/ASE: Completed Job Description (other Job Description Templates ARE acceptable as well)
    • For Classified Staff: Completed Job Description or Classified Staff Questionnaire
    • For Professional Staff: Completed Pro Staff Position Description Form
Executive Office F&A Recruitment/Hiring Timeline
Employment Type
(Consult with F&A Lead or Kim Dinh)
Direct Hire
No Recruitment
(Candidate Identified)
New/Replacement with Changes
Open Recruitment (No Candidate Identified)
Replacement with No Changes
Open Recruitment (No Candidate Identified)
 Classified/Professional Staff

Permanent Hire

NOT ALLOWED 6 week lead time to POSTING DATE 4 week lead time to POSTING DATE
 Classified/Professional Staff

Temporary Hire (FDA/PSTP)

4 week lead time to HIRE DATE
Academic Student Employment (ASE) 2 week lead time to HIRE DATE
Hourly Student 4 week lead time to POSTING DATE (Husky Jobs) 2 week lead time to POSTING DATE (Husky Jobs)

The Executive F&A team strives to meet all hiring and posting dates requested in alignment with this timeline, however external delays due to extended HR/Compensation review cannot be accounted for in all cases. In these one-off situations we will work closely with you and our HR partners to mitigate these delays to the best of our team’s ability.

Rush Requests: The Executive F&A team will continue to support requested dates of hiring and posting even when they do not meet the lead time guidelines. All attempts to complete an on-time hiring/recruitment will be made, however due to our expanded capacity of shared services and supported units, rush requests cannot always be accommodated. Please do not set any hire date expectations with a recruit until vetting a rush request with your F&A Lead and/or Kim Dinh.

To assist you with preparing your documentation for submission, below is a table of forms for each employment type. Position Title References are for guidance only; please consult with your F&A lead or Kim Dinh to determine the most appropriate Position Title and Job Code for your recruitment.

Executive Office F&A Recruitment/Hiring Forms
Employment Type Hiring Approval
Position Description
Position Title References
 Classified Staff  Permanent Hire  Hiring Approval Request Form Classified Staff Position Description Template Classified Staff Job Title List & Pay Tables
Classified Staff Temporary Hire (FDA)
Professional Staff Permanent Hire Professional Staff Position Description Template Professional Staff Payroll Titles & Descriptors
Professional Staff Temporary Hire (PSTP)
Academic Student Employment (ASE) Student/Hourly Position Description TA/RA Salary Schedule
Hourly Student Student Employee Job Code & Compensation

Recruitment/Hiring Steps

1. Planning

Please see UW HR’s Hiring Process Guide.

2. Interviewing

Please see UW HR’s policies on: Interviewing and Phone Screening

3. ID Candidate

Please see UW HR’s policies on:  Background Checks


Please see UW HR’s policies on:  Onboarding and Required Trainings