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Email is "anu": 1 Faculty/Staff
Email begins with "anu": 5 Faculty/Staff
Email contains "anu": 25 Faculty/Staff

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Faculty/Staff: Email is "anu"

Anu Taranath206 543-7981anu@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email begins with "anu"

Rosalyn Anuseh206 543-4554
206 543-9404
Anutara Panomvana206 616-1595anutara@uw.edu
ANU CHAUDHARY206 598-6061anuc@uw.edu
Anubha Cook206 598-4874
206 598-4363
ANUP RAO609 216-2704anuprao@uw.edu

Faculty/Staff: Email contains "anu"

Aaron E Berhanu909 499-0683berhanua@uw.edu
Darren Branum425 352-3763dlbranum@uw.edu
MANUEL CASTELLOTE MORALES206 526-6866manuelcm@uw.edu
Cathryne Jane Ellis206 543-2234
206 685-1284
Irvin Emanuelemanuel@uw.edu
Kristen Emanuel206 616-2019kemanuel@uw.edu
Manuel Ferreira206 543-3570manuelf3@uw.edu
Sandra J. Janusch206 685-6435
406 830-0260
V. Kalei Kanuha206 543-3881kanuha@uw.edu
Mark Lanum206 543-7916
206 685-1980
Scott Lanum206 598-7175
206 598-6060
Bhanupriya Madarampallibhanum2@uw.edu
Marion Manuel206 598-4067manuelma@uw.edu
Valerie L Manusov206 543-2660
425 221-2844
Jennifer Manuzak206 616-7271manuzakj@uw.edu
Dean A McManusmcmanus@uw.edu
Tuan Quoc Nguyen206 598-0266tuanuyen@uw.edu
Kari Ranum206 368-1582kranum@uw.edu
KRISTINA L RANUM206 598-5180ranumkl@uw.edu
MANUJA SHARMAmanuja21@uw.edu
Alexa Nicole Upchurch253 324-1583alexanu@uw.edu
Manny S Valverde206 744-0513
206 476-9363
206 744-7750
Genevieve Wanucha206 685-1304gwanucha@uw.edu
CHELSEA N G YANUARIAyanuaria@uw.edu
Bill Yanusswyanuss@uw.edu

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