First Aid Training SAFETY 88-3 (Rev. 5/95)


To provide information on first aid training for Facilities Services employees.


First aid training and certification are required “to assure that all employees of this state can be afforded quick and effective first aid attention in the event an injury occurs on the job. The means of achieving this purpose is to assure the presence of personnel trained in first aid procedures at or near those places where employees are working.”

While first aid certification is required for some employees, the University encourages all interested personnel who desire training to be trained in first aid procedures. Environmental Health and Safety provides qualifying first aid training at least quarterly. The current course is eight hours, presented in two four-hour sessions in a week—resulting in certification for two years. Renewal of first aid certification is accomplished by taking the entire eight-hour course again.

As with all training offered through Environmental Health and Safety, first aid training may be taken on release time. (See University policy on “Release time for University-sponsored Staff Training Programs.”) Employees may sign up for First Aid Training with EH&S by calling 3-7201. Employees must arrange for release time during their regular working hours with their supervisors. Overtime will not be paid.


Responsibility : Action

  • Employee:

    • Register self for training.
    • Arrange release time with supervisor.
  • Supervisor:

    • Distribute/discuss information on first aid training.
    • Review and schedule release time.