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130 Grey Bricks

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$15.00 for the whole bunch

41829-26. Well, why not?

Assorted Kids' Toys & Books

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As marked

Assorted Kids’ Toys & Books!

Big Locker Unit

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41348-33. Yes, it’s the B.L.U., featuring 12 lockable top cubbies and 12 tall, slender bottom lockers. Ideal if you and your team need to change into pads & helmets before your Lean huddles and PowerPoint presentations, but also swell for storing capes, party hats, and afro clown wigs. Measures 90 x 18 ½ x 78”H.

Descriminating Four-Legged Customers Choose UW Surplus

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You can't put a price on this kind of sophistication & taste

We call him Pupperino, and he’s a four-legged frequent flier at the Surplus Store because: obviously this pooch knows the better establishments of Seattle. Pupperino, we salute you!

Double Safe!

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41334-57. This heavy unit isn’t called a double safe simply because it’s extra secure—it really has two independent safes with their own combinations (included). This piece also features a secure rolling deposit drawer mechanism for extra excitement. Measures 21 x 31 x 28”H.

Framed Artwork

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41531-100. A windblown tree in a ducky landscape (or it could be a dust storm at sunset). Possibly a print, possibly India ink on brushed panel. Framed, 38 x 25 ½”. Signed Earl Newman (we think…or “Earl Newmnkljhkpvjhapsg).

Framed UW Football Photos

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$10.00 each (50+ available)

We’ve got over 50 various framed football photos from the hallowed Husky football program. From team photos and action shots to coach pix and quarterbacks in full gallop, you’re sure to find some great memorabilia for your home or office.

Glorious Rainbow Over 25th Ave!

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One of the many benefits of visiting the Surplus Store when it’s rainy: awesome meteorological metaphors like this!

Goat Visitor

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Niblets, tin cans, you know . . .

Yeah, so you may have heard that sometimes we have goats show up in the store—typically with our regular customer, Lacia, who is happy to tell you all about her endeavors in the Wide World of Goats.

Grocery Cart!

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41552-20. Whether you’re playing Trudy the Bag Lady from The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (umbrella hat not included) or have always wanted your own personal cart for downhill races, this authentic grocery cart will fit the bill and leave plenty of room for produce. Measures 3’ x 22 ½” x 40”H.

Gym Mats

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$1.00 each!

Whether it’s yoga, stretching, push-ups, or napping, these light-weight padded mats in various colors and sizes will help you cushion your activity (or lack of activity, if you’re into the floor napping thing).

Gym Risers/Steps

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$15.00 each

For your various stepping exercises—what about Jazzercise? Is that still a thing? Or is everybody doing that weird Prancercise stuff?—we’ve got 11 of these sturdy gym risers. Each riser comes with 4 square platforms (pictured in the stack at the top, left of the photo).

Husky Athletic Gear Available to the Public!

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Priced as marked

Starting on Tuesday, September 2nd, our stock of Husky athletic gear will be available to the public! Tee-shirts, football pants, jackets, jerseys, protective gear, and more will be up for grabs, so don’t miss this purple and gold opportunity.

Info Kiosk

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41565-142. Here’s a proper 4-sided information kiosk in the old Parisian style, and you don’t even have to post on it in French. Measures an impressive 29”-square x 7’-high.


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$40-$65 each

If you’ve got a team in need of a whole lot of lockers, we’ve got you set! Choose from single-sided 3-and-4-unit banks of lockers or double-sided 6-unit banks for extra towel-snapping excitement (we guess). 3-unit single-sided banks measure 3’ x 1’ x 82”H. 4-unit single-sided banks measure 49” x 1’ x 82”H. 6-unit double sided (3 on each side) banks measure 37” x 2’ x 82”H. All rendered in matching beige metal and in good condition.

Magnetic Mini Frames

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Just .25 each!

Do schools still do student photos when Bobby & Susie bring home all those little photos of themselves? I realize Bobby & Susie are probably named Thor-Peeta and Kryyystael now, but look: you can put their precious little photos into these awesome tiny frames that have full magnetic backings and slap those beauties right onto your stainless fridge in your open plan everything room. Frames measure 2 ½ x 3”.

Modular Bed Spline Jack

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41381-244. One day, we’re all going to wish we had one. This modular bed spline jack is by Orthopedic Systems, Inc. and features 25-degree rotation stop and “rotational friction control.”

New Sales Desk!

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Even our reclaimed wood has a cool story! The wood featuring on the front of our sales desk comes from 1950s-era UW bleachers (pock-marked by old cleats) that has been varnished and looks great, we think! You’ll also notice the lower side counter for our lower/ rolling customers!

Okay Computer

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Sometimes, it’s worth coming to the Surplus Store just for the great people watching. And robot watching. This genial fellow paid us a visit last week.

Possibly Talking Bear

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Cute or menacing? You be the judge. There are definitely animatronic innards to this creature, who looks like the only thing stopping her/him from plotting the overthrow of humanity are 2 AA batteries.

Retro Foot Locker

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41181-2. Not just for feet anymore, these containers are great for epic voyages aboard dirigibles, yachts, and maybe even your roommate’s Corolla. Measures 16 x 30 x 12”H.

Rotating Fiber Optic Tree

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Well, that’s what it says on the box. “But I don’t have a rotating fiber optic anything!” you cry. There there! Look what we have for you!

Samson High Lat Machine

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$650.00 each (2 available)

41483-19 and -20. One of the highlights of any good high lat machine is being able to say, “Hi, lats!” to the bulging muscles you get from it (say that in a Southern accent for extra fun and confusion).

Samson Humped Leg Curl Machine

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41483-1. Look at me not making a terrible pun here because folks who use this equipment are much, much bigger than me.

Soda? Pop? Yep, We’ve Got That & More!

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Drinks priced as listed

Regardless of where you fall on the great pop vs. soda terminology divide (sodapop, anyone?), we’ve now got you covered and then some. Customers have been asking for some type of drinks machine in the Surplus Store—we’ve heard you, and we are now happy to offer a vending machine that offers soda, pop, water, juice, and energy drinks. The vending machine accepts both cash and debit/credit cards. Automatic for the people, yo.

Solid Wood Sign

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41252-11. Perfect for anyone looking for a bit of UW campus history because: nostalgia sure brings back memories. Measures approximately 29”-diameter.

Strange Cart

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41181-6. It looks like about four different ideas-for-a-cart melded into one Frankencart. Its purpose? Adventure! Measures approximately 59” x 2’ x 58”H.

Survival Suits!

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They won’t protect you from Justin Bieber.

Tall Lockers

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$85.00 each

41755-4, -5, -6. This trio of tall ventilated single-unit lockers features top interior shelves, hooks, and hanger bars. In great shape and spacious enough to hide in if you’re afraid of your Roomba or something like that. Measures 18” x 22” x 6’H.

Upright Piano

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41558-20. If you are musically inclined or know someone who is, please come snag this lovely upright piano by Kimball before we have to restrain the next happy-fingered toddler Liberace who comes in. Back of piano bears the number “753756.” Measures 25 x 56 x 46”H.

World Shiver Sled

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Surplus ID# 41635-1: World Shiver Sled.

This equipment is located in the east practice field next to Husky stadium. Equipment is sold as-is, where-is, with no warranty stated nor implied.

For questions, or to schedule a viewing appointment, please contact Bart Fullmer at 206-459-1689/ bfullmer at uw dot edu.

To purchase this equipment, please contact the Surplus Store at 206-685-1573/ surplus at uw dot edu. Equipment must be removed within three days of purchase. Buyer is solely responsible for pick-up and removal of this equipment.

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