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12/02: Giving Tuesday Public Store!

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Your patronage of the UW Surplus Store supports the UW’s sustainability mission and keeps items out of landfills. On Tuesday, December 2nd, you can have an even greater impact on our community by helping individuals and families in need with a non-perishable donation to Northwest Harvest. The UW Surplus Store will have donation bins set up to accept your generous offerings. As thanks, the first 50 people who make a donation on Tuesday will receive our brand new 16oz ceramic UW Surplus mug!

Items That Can Help the Most:

PROTEINS: Canned meats (tuna, salmon, Spam, Vienna sausages, chicken, beef), Peanut butter (plastic jars)
DAIRY: Soy or rice milk, Evaporated and condensed milk, Powdered milk
FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Canned fruit (pop-top cans are helpful), Dried fruit (raisins, apricots), Canned vegetables, olives & mushrooms, Canned or bottled juices (single-serve & family-sized), Tomato products (canned whole tomatoes, pasta sauce, tomato paste)
GRAINS: Cereal (hot or cold), Rice, Pasta, Couscous, Box of rice & noodle mixes (Rice-a-Roni, Hamburger Helper, etc.)
OTHER CANNED FOODS: Chili, stew, ravioli, other “meal-in-a-can” items (pop-top cans as available), Whole & refried beans, Pork & beans, Canned soups (especially low-salt), Cup-of-soup dry soup mixes
MISCELLANEOUS: Cooking oil, Personal hygiene items (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tampons & pads), Jelly & jam (plastic jars), Tofu, Vegetarian boxed meals, Toilet paper, Bar soap, Flour, Sugar, Ensure/ Boost nutritional supplement drinks, Laundry & dish detergent, Can openers
INFANT CARE ITEMS: Regular & soy infant formulas (Enfamil & ProSobee, etc.), Disposable diapers (S – XL), Infant food (Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3/ Graduates), Infant cereal, New infant care items (bottles, teething rings, pacifiers, powder, etc.), Clean infant clothing

4-Unit Card Rack Spinner on Casters

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42008-94. Ideal for retail shops as much as for weird Aunt Eunice’s paperback romance collection, this unit features four multi-sided spinning racks atop a casters-empowered base! Measures approximately 77”H. In great shape!

Asian Art Placemats

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Just .25 each!

Printed on thin but sturdy laminated boards, these lovely Asian art placemats will brighten your meal times and maybe relax you a bit. Put your leg behind your head and stare into the placemat. See? You’re feeling better already.

Assorted Kids' Toys & Books

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As marked

Assorted Kids’ Toys & Books!

Descriminating Four-Legged Customers Choose UW Surplus

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You can't put a price on this kind of sophistication & taste

We call him Pupperino, and he’s a four-legged frequent flier at the Surplus Store because: obviously this pooch knows the better establishments of Seattle. Pupperino, we salute you!

Framed UW Football Photos

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$10.00 each (50+ available)

We’ve got over 50 various framed football photos from the hallowed Husky football program. From team photos and action shots to coach pix and quarterbacks in full gallop, you’re sure to find some great memorabilia for your home or office.

Glorious Rainbow Over 25th Ave!

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One of the many benefits of visiting the Surplus Store when it’s rainy: awesome meteorological metaphors like this!

Goat Visitor

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Niblets, tin cans, you know . . .

Yeah, so you may have heard that sometimes we have goats show up in the store—typically with our regular customer, Lacia, who is happy to tell you all about her endeavors in the Wide World of Goats.

Hamilton Upright Piano

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42097-1. This blond wood Hamilton upright piano is the friendly bar room buddy to the Horugel’s prim & proper schoolmarm. Measures 58 x 25 x 45”H.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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We will be closed Thursday, 11/27, and Friday, 11/28, for the Thanksgiving holiday. We extend our warmest wishes to you & yours for a joyful holiday!

Horugel Upright Piano

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Piano: $1600.00; Bench: SOLD

42097-2. Shiny as the patent leather shoes on your nightmare childhood piano teacher, this sleek black Horugel upright piano delivers big sound in a relatively small package. Measures 59” x 2’ x 46”H. Bench (ID# 42068-15) sold separately.


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Get ready for big deals! Tuesday, November 25th is Purple Tuesday, and 99.99% of everything in the Store (except the two pianos) is 50%-off! Take 50%-off all listed prices and get something for everyone on your list! And hey, get a little something for yourself, too. You’ve been good.

Samson High Lat Machine

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$650.00 each (2 available)

41483-19 and -20. One of the highlights of any good high lat machine is being able to say, “Hi, lats!” to the bulging muscles you get from it (say that in a Southern accent for extra fun and confusion).

Samson Humped Leg Curl Machine

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41483-1. Look at me not making a terrible pun here because folks who use this equipment are much, much bigger than me.

Soda? Pop? Yep, We’ve Got That & More!

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Drinks priced as listed

Regardless of where you fall on the great pop vs. soda terminology divide (sodapop, anyone?), we’ve now got you covered and then some. Customers have been asking for some type of drinks machine in the Surplus Store—we’ve heard you, and we are now happy to offer a vending machine that offers soda, pop, water, juice, and energy drinks. The vending machine accepts both cash and debit/credit cards. Automatic for the people, yo.

Weight Machines for Hulkinators

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Lat Machines: $650.00 each; Leg Curl Machine: $795.00

41483-19 and -20 (lat machines), 41483-1 (leg curl). Do Millennials have their own versions of Hans und Franz? If not, then who paahmps them aaahp? We’ve got two impressive lat machines and one burly leg curl machine, all by Samson and all featuring appropriately purple bench padding. Hear us now und believe us later—these machines are gunna make you uh-mazing!

World Shiver Sled

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Surplus ID# 41635-1: World Shiver Sled.

This equipment is located in the east practice field next to Husky stadium. Equipment is sold as-is, where-is, with no warranty stated nor implied.

For questions, or to schedule a viewing appointment, please contact Bart Fullmer at 206-459-1689/ bfullmer at uw dot edu.

To purchase this equipment, please contact the Surplus Store at 206-685-1573/ surplus at uw dot edu. Equipment must be removed within three days of purchase. Buyer is solely responsible for pick-up and removal of this equipment.

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