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"Trash" Can Bonanza!

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Just $1.00 each!

Did all your best spring cleaning intentions turn into summer cleaning intentions that are actually Get All This Stuff Out of Here mandates by either your family or your conscience? Believe me, we get it. Perhaps now that we have a battalion of “trash” cans marked down to just $1.00 each you can get a jump on your junk! With prices this low—and so many choices—you can buy a bunch of them and call them “organizational containers”! We’ll never tell.

Assorted Kids' Toys & Books

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As marked

Assorted Kids’ Toys & Books!

Basket of Faux Foliage

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40628-6. Just in time for spring comes this big basket of faux foliage! With its tallest faux-chute standing approximately 3’-high, your hankering for a little office shrubbery will be well met, indeed.

Big Locker Unit

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41348-33. Yes, it’s the B.L.U., featuring 12 lockable top cubbies and 12 tall, slender bottom lockers. Ideal if you and your team need to change into pads & helmets before your Lean huddles and PowerPoint presentations, but also swell for storing capes, party hats, and afro clown wigs. Measures 90 x 18 ½ x 78”H.

Bound 1960s Editions of TV Guide!

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$20.00 each

Who knows why they did it, but thank goodness they did: we have several hardbound editions of monthly installments of TV Guide from the mid-1960s!

Boxes of Ceramic Saddles

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$5.00 - $10.00 per box

What we know these aren’t:
1.) Cereal
2.) Packing materials
3.) Suitable for use on very tiny horses.

Descriminating Four-Legged Customers Choose UW Surplus

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You can't put a price on this kind of sophistication & taste

We call him Pupperino, and he’s a four-legged frequent flier at the Surplus Store because: obviously this pooch knows the better establishments of Seattle. Pupperino, we salute you!

Double Safe!

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41334-57. This heavy unit isn’t called a double safe simply because it’s extra secure—it really has two independent safes with their own combinations (included). This piece also features a secure rolling deposit drawer mechanism for extra excitement. Measures 21 x 31 x 28”H.

Framed Art Print

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Here’s a lovely pastoral scene, “L-Espresso,” printed onto thick backing board and framed a-la roadside van sale. And yet: still somehow appealing. Measures approximately 2’ x 4’.

Glorious Rainbow Over 25th Ave!

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One of the many benefits of visiting the Surplus Store when it’s rainy: awesome meteorological metaphors like this!

Goat Visitor

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Niblets, tin cans, you know . . .

Yeah, so you may have heard that sometimes we have goats show up in the store—typically with our regular customer, Lacia, who is happy to tell you all about her endeavors in the Wide World of Goats.

Hawaiian Bowl

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Fill it with pineapple-cream dip, fill it with Spam, but be very sure about your friends’ tastes before you fill it with poi. 11”-diameter.

Hydro-Fit Hand Buoys

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$0.25 each

You may be fit, but are you HYDRO FIT? I suppose these hand buoys are a good way to find out. Then again, a hydro fit is what my mom used to say I was having when I didn’t want to leave the swimming pool, so your mileage may vary.

Metal Stick Figure Paperweight Because Why Not?

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It’s helpful to have the taped-on label that says, “Stick Figure Paperweight,” in case you thought perhaps this was a hot tub or a bicycle or something.

Modular Bed Spline Jack

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41381-244. One day, we’re all going to wish we had one. This modular bed spline jack is by Orthopedic Systems, Inc. and features 25-degree rotation stop and “rotational friction control.”

New Sales Desk!

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Even our reclaimed wood has a cool story! The wood featuring on the front of our sales desk comes from 1950s-era UW bleachers (pock-marked by old cleats) that has been varnished and looks great, we think! You’ll also notice the lower side counter for our lower/ rolling customers!

Newspaper Stand & Sign Holder

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40046-30. Back in my hometown this handy unit would have displayed The Pitch (KC shout-out #466). Here, it might have held The Stranger or Seattle Weekly. It’s a great, light-weight item, easily transportable, collapsible, and includes the poster display window.

Okay Computer

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Sometimes, it’s worth coming to the Surplus Store just for the great people watching. And robot watching. This genial fellow paid us a visit last week.

Retro Foot Locker

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41181-2. Not just for feet anymore, these containers are great for epic voyages aboard dirigibles, yachts, and maybe even your roommate’s Corolla. Measures 16 x 30 x 12”H.

Rolling Red Container

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41241-1. You say your enthusiasm cannot be contained? Well, now it can. Measures 52 x 30 x 50”H.

Soda? Pop? Yep, We’ve Got That & More!

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Drinks priced as listed

Regardless of where you fall on the great pop vs. soda terminology divide (sodapop, anyone?), we’ve now got you covered and then some. Customers have been asking for some type of drinks machine in the Surplus Store—we’ve heard you, and we are now happy to offer a vending machine that offers soda, pop, water, juice, and energy drinks. The vending machine accepts both cash and debit/credit cards. Automatic for the people, yo.

Solid Wood Sign

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41252-11. Perfect for anyone looking for a bit of UW campus history because: nostalgia sure brings back memories. Measures approximately 29”-diameter.

Strange Cart

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41181-6. It looks like about four different ideas-for-a-cart melded into one Frankencart. Its purpose? Adventure! Measures approximately 59” x 2’ x 58”H.


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$1.00 each

If you’ve been trying to track down a trio of ticking timers, take a trip to the Surplus Store and get the T.

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