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Green & Grey Chairs

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$5.00 each!

40684-39, -41, -42, -43, -44, -46, -47, -48, -49, and -50. We’ve got 10 of these matching green fabric chairs with light grey frames. Some of the fabric areas could do with a good spot cleaning, but couldn’t we all.

Mop Buckets & Accessories

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$10.00 per set

40672-12, -13, and -14. There’s a mop bucket & accessory designer somewhere who really knows his or her color wheel (or else is just a Denver Broncos fan, and we did a good job of mopping them up).

Hey, Nice Cart!

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40732-1. All the other cart users will be jealous of you, tooling around your warehouse or garden or, you know, down the street in your Cadillac of carts (we’re talking DeVille, not Cimarron). This beauty measures 30” x 5’ x 42”H.

Wood Credenza

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40471-28. Here’s a sturdy, 4-door wooden credenza with a cherry finish that will look gorgeous with a surface refinishing or deep buff & polish. In the photo you will see plastic wrap around the sides that was applied during moving to prevent the doors from opening. A very nice piece of furniture that just needs a little love to regain its shine—and a steal of a deal for the right person! Measures 21” x 9’ x 29”H.

Big Locking Rolling Tool Cabinet!

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40730-1. So you’re wondering if we have a B.L.R.T.C.? Do we ever! In fact, it’s red! That makes it an R.B.L.R.T.C., and you know what that means. Actually, we don’t entirely know what that means, but it’s probably fantastic. Measures 2’ x 5’ x 67”H.

Metal Cart

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40641-191. No doubt inspired by the chrome shopping & mail carts of yore, this snazzy metal cart gleams with possibility. Fill it up with Valentines, Tribbles, or your office’s version of Peter O’Toole. Measures approximately 20 x 32 x 37”H.

Roll-Top-Style Cabinets

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Just $15.00 each!

40799-255, -256, -259, -258, -260, -261, -263, -264, -265, -266, and -267. These Herman Miller Co/Struc roll-top-style cabinets feature configurable bin racks and an alluring shade of mocha-weird-beige.

Assorted Plates & Saucers!

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.25 per piece

It’s always a big step for newly-independent-ish apartment dwellers to get plates that match, isn’t it? Here’s a good way to get a frugal head start! We’ve got several plates and saucers that sure do look like one another, and they’re just .25 each! Party!

Retro Typewriter Tables

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$5.00 each!

40698-8 and 40717-42. These identical retro typewriter tables with drop-leaves came in from different departments and have been reunited after all these years. If you’re in the market for an accent piece that is both small and bizarrely heavy, we’ve got you set up. Each table is 26 ½”-high.

Ye Olde Dictionary Stand on Wheels

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40767-20. Since you all have dictionaries on your phones now, we guess this is just a weirdly-angled old wood table on wheels. Measures 23 x 14 x 33”H.

Lab Table

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40747-21. This old-school blacktop wooden lab table features 2 narrow front drawers and measures 30” x 6’ x 30”H. I would totally use this as a dining table, but that might not be everyone’s cup of formaldehyde.

Ovoid Tables

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$30.00 each

40671-36 and -37. Perfect for meetings and conferences as well as lunches and dinners and homework and art assignments and garage sales and [everything else that happens with the help of a good table]. Each table measures 3’ x 6’ x 30”H.

Fluke System

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40570-31. Fluke is the brand name, not our assessment of how it arrived at the Surplus Store. Now, I’m no electronics expert, but I do know that when you plug this thing in it lights up, and that’s enough to entertain me for at least a little while.

Wave Runner!

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40570-40. Wait, you mean I’ve put on my swim trunks for nothing again? This particular wave runner is by LeCroy, and I’m sure it’s wonderful, but I can’t for the life of me see how it floats.

More Wooden Captain’s Chairs Have Come Ashore!

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$30.00 each

“Oh captain’s chair, my captain’s chair!”

12-Passenger Vans

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$6,000.00 each


The UW Surplus Store currently has a selection of Ford and Chevy 12-passenger vans available at a set-price of $6,000.00 each through the Store. These marked vans are parked in the UW E2 parking lot and bear white sale signs in their windows. All vehicles are sold as-is, where-is with no warranty stated nor implied. To schedule a viewing appointment, please contact Mike Anderson, UW Surplus warehouse supervisor, at 206-543-3948/ mikera at uw dot edu.

These vans are available for purchase first by priority groups (non-profits & government agencies) beginning Monday, April 21st, and then to the general public starting on Friday, April 25th. Vehicles will will then be available for purchase by all interested parties Monday - Friday; just let the cashier know which vehicle or vehicles you are purchasing. We accept cash, cashier’s checks, debit and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, and Discover). We are unable to accept personal checks or American Express. Photos provided in this listing are to serve as a representational sample of the vans available for purchase. All vans in this offering are white with grey interiors. Purchased vehicles must be removed within one week of purchase. Vans available are as follows:

Vehicle 042: 2002 Chevy Express, Surplus ID# 40179-2. Approx. mileage: 64,314. VIN: 1GAHG35R821245500.

Vehicle 045: 2002 Chevy Express, Surplus ID# 40537-1. Approx. mileage: 66,833. VIN: 1GAHG35R321245422.

Vehicle 047: 2003 Ford E3, Surplus ID# 39877-1. Approx mileage: 63,861. VIN: 1FBNE31L93HB42729.

Vehicle 056: 2002 Chevy Express, Surplus ID# 40179-3. Approx. mileage: 63,982. VIN: 1GAHG35R021246687.

Vehicle 060: 2003 Ford E3, Surplus ID# 40179-4. Approx mileage: 61,967. VIN: 1FBNE31LX3HB42724.

Vehicle 066: 2002 Chevy Express, Surplus ID# 40179-5. Approx. mileage: 64,228. VIN: 1GAHG35R521246488.

Vehicle 067: 2002 Chevy Express, Surplus ID# 40179-6. Approx. mileage: 63,260. VIN: 1GAHG35R221246349.

Vehicle 069: 2003 Ford E3, Surplus ID# 40179-7. Approx. mileage: 62,803. VIN: 1FBNE31L73HB42728.

Vehicle 071: 2003 Ford E3, Surplus ID# 40343-1. Approx. mileage: 66,696. VIN: 1FBNE31L43HB72721.


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$10.00 and $15.00, respectively

40756-1 and -2. Grills by NexGrill.


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$25.00 each

40778-1 and -2. One mannequin has one arm while the other has no arms, although both come with tee-shirt (the only ones we had in the warehouse) for the sake of modesty.

16mm Camera + Case & Accessories

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40687-27. Bolex 16mm film camera + case & accessories.