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Double-Section Wood Card Catalog with Slate Top!

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41815-1. Here’s an increasingly rare piece in great condition: a wood, double-section card catalog file with a slate top. This heavy item measures 5’ 10-1/2” x 19 1/2” x 4’ 6-1/2”H.

Husky Athletic Gear Available to the Public!

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Priced as marked

Starting on Tuesday, September 2nd, our stock of Husky athletic gear will be available to the public! Tee-shirts, football pants, jackets, jerseys, protective gear, and more will be up for grabs, so don’t miss this purple and gold opportunity.

Possibly Talking Bear

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Cute or menacing? You be the judge. There are definitely animatronic innards to this creature, who looks like the only thing stopping her/him from plotting the overthrow of humanity are 2 AA batteries.


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$3.00 each (approximately 23 available)

Get a jump on fall … by leafing right into it.

130 Grey Bricks

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$15.00 for the whole bunch

41829-26. Well, why not?

Tall Lockers

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$85.00 each

41755-4, -5, -6. This trio of tall ventilated single-unit lockers features top interior shelves, hooks, and hanger bars. In great shape and spacious enough to hide in if you’re afraid of your Roomba or something like that. Measures 18” x 22” x 6’H.

Cage Cart

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41755-3. You’ll be forgiven for looking at this cart and concluding it’s some sort of Harry Houdini-era implement of weirdness (or transport for 19th-century tigers); it just has that look about it. We’re sure there are perfectly reasonable uses for it today. No, you may not lock your little brother in this and drag him to the circus. Measures 30 ½ x 65 x 31”H.


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41819-1. Part of the reason the TV show Starsky & Desk/Hutch never really took off is because Desk/Hutch preferred to stay in the office. Measures 32 ½ x 19 ½ x 61 ½”H.

Retro Metal Typewriter Table

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41776-2. What sets this metal typewriter table apart is its unusual trapezoidal shape. It’s also in very nice condition and sports a very agreeable shade of grey that we think really brings out your eyes. Measures approximately 14 x 35 x 27”H with its leaves extended.

Lacquered Wood Tables

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$30.00 each

2 left!
41821-32, -33, -34. We’ve seen our share of standard wooden tables with metal legs, but nothing like these heavily-lacquered tables. While there are a few surface scuffs to parts of the tabletops, the lacquer is so thick that a good buffing ought to take care of things. Each table measures 54” x 3’ x 3’H.

Gym Risers/Steps

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$15.00 each

8 left!
For your various stepping exercises—what about Jazzercise? Is that still a thing? Or is everybody doing that weird Prancercise stuff?—we’ve got 11 of these sturdy gym risers. Each riser comes with 4 square platforms (pictured in the stack at the top, left of the photo).

Gym Mats

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$1.00 each!

Whether it’s yoga, stretching, push-ups, or napping, these light-weight padded mats in various colors and sizes will help you cushion your activity (or lack of activity, if you’re into the floor napping thing).

Commercial Popcorn Machine

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41833-1.This attractive Topstar commercial popcorn machine has an unknown electrical issue according to the department that surplussed it, which makes this a good project for the right tinkerer. As we are unable to test it here, you might just get yourself a really good deal.

Framed UW Football Photos

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$10.00 each (50+ available)

We’ve got over 50 various framed football photos from the hallowed Husky football program. From team photos and action shots to coach pix and quarterbacks in full gallop, you’re sure to find some great memorabilia for your home or office.

Magnetic Mini Frames

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Just .25 each!

Do schools still do student photos when Bobby & Susie bring home all those little photos of themselves? I realize Bobby & Susie are probably named Thor-Peeta and Kryyystael now, but look: you can put their precious little photos into these awesome tiny frames that have full magnetic backings and slap those beauties right onto your stainless fridge in your open plan everything room. Frames measure 2 ½ x 3”.