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Bound 1960s Editions of TV Guide!

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$20.00 each

Who knows why they did it, but thank goodness they did: we have several hardbound editions of monthly installments of TV Guide from the mid-1960s!

Double Safe!

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41334-57. This heavy unit isn’t called a double safe simply because it’s extra secure—it really has two independent safes with their own combinations (included). This piece also features a secure rolling deposit drawer mechanism for extra excitement. Measures 21 x 31 x 28”H.

Tall Round Table

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41481-7. Commonly called pub tables or café-height tables, this great tall round table measures 3’ in diameter x 42”-high, is in excellent shape, and would look stupendous with a couple of tall chairs like these!

Large Desk with Beige Laminate

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Just $15.00!

41525-15. Looking for a big workspace at a low price? Check out this great desk that measures 3’ x 6’ x 30”-high and sports three side drawers. This desk is swathed in a beige laminate in very good condition and features wood accents.

Rolling Black Wood TV Stand

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41401-48. While it came to us listed as “TV Stand,” we promise you can put all sorts of things on it—computers, stereos, aquariums, gumball machines, that awkward bust of Martin Van Buren you made entirely out of old chewing gum in the 5th grade. Measures 36 x 34 x 33”H and has lockable wheels.

Big Locker Unit

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41348-33. Yes, it’s the B.L.U., featuring 12 lockable top cubbies and 12 tall, slender bottom lockers. Ideal if you and your team need to change into pads & helmets before your Lean huddles and PowerPoint presentations, but also swell for storing capes, party hats, and afro clown wigs. Measures 90 x 18 ½ x 78”H.

Rolling Red Metal Toolbox

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41421-27. With its snazzy red color you won’t lose this gem among all the other stuff in your basement, shop, or garage—right? RIGHT? Measures 14 x 26 ½ x 32”H. By Waterloo.

"Trash" Can Bonanza!

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Just $1.00 each!

Did all your best spring cleaning intentions turn into summer cleaning intentions that are actually Get All This Stuff Out of Here mandates by either your family or your conscience? Believe me, we get it. Perhaps now that we have a battalion of “trash” cans marked down to just $1.00 each you can get a jump on your junk! With prices this low—and so many choices—you can buy a bunch of them and call them “organizational containers”! We’ll never tell.

Big Round Fans!

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$40.00 each

41410-16, -18, and -21. While we’re all grateful for the recent cool spell that saved us from the sweltering heat, we know more uncomfortability is on the horizon, so be prepared with one of these B.R.F.s! They measure an impressive 3’-diameter. Grab one while they last! By Airmaster Fan.

Ginormous Coolspace Fan Units

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$20.00 each!

2 left!
41410-12, -13, and -14. The word ginormous, of course, being the technical term for these massive units from Coolspace. Each measures approximately 3’ x 5’ x 66”H.

Wooden Stools

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$20.00 each

41310-16 and -19. Both of these handsome wooden stools were designed to have rotating seat bases, but someone didn’t like the lazy Susan seating sensation and screwed one of the bases in place. The other one still spins like a top. Both measures 31”-high.

Stylish Wood & Chrome Chairs

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41525-167 & 168. Bright, classy modernism that could do with some polish to up its game, these lovely chairs will make striking accent pieces.

Polarizing Arty Chair

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41513-3. There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground on reactions to this chair. Some find its lively fabric pattern ADD-inspiring and/ or ghastly. And some of us appreciate a playful Joan Miró reference when we see one. It’s a great deal at just five bucks!

Tall Chairs

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$25.00 each

41481-8 and -9. Bistro chairs, pub chairs, high chairs—call them what you like, these two tall metal and black vinyl chairs look swell and are in great shape. 46”-high.

Wood & Blue Fabric Chairs

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Just $5.00 each!

41458-1 through -6. Cadet blue is really making its presence known in the warehouse lately, from cabinets to tools, and now we’ve got this lovely collection of wood and fabric chairs at such an amazingly low price you can get one for at least six of the cadets in your life.

Retro Aluminum Chair

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41415-16. Here’s an unusual piece that I’ll admit I first thought was an old wooden chair painted silver. This is actually an aluminum chair by Blair that still has its original label underneath. Reproductions of this chair can go for ridiculous sums (really: you can check—Thonet, Baxton, etc.), so some discerning lucky person with good design sense is going to get a sweet deal.


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$1.00 each

If you’ve been trying to track down a trio of ticking timers, take a trip to the Surplus Store and get the T.

Hawaiian Bowl

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Fill it with pineapple-cream dip, fill it with Spam, but be very sure about your friends’ tastes before you fill it with poi. 11”-diameter.