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Tall Wood Locker Cabinet

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47696-8. Calling this lovely piece of furniture a “locker” seems somehow unfair, unless the gyms you’ve visited have much nicer lockers than the ones I’ve visited. Featuring light cherry-colored wood & veneers, an interior cubby level & garment level, and holders for a rack bar, it’s the maybe-more-sophisticated-than-you-deserve alternative to the funky metal bastion of towel-snappers everywhere. And yes, by the way, you do deserve it. Measures 16” x 2’ x 67”H.

Wood 2-Shelf Cabinet

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46961-83. Here’s a stylish wooden cabinet in a sleek Scandinavian vein that’s simplicity well-rendered. Interior features 2 lidded cable exits for storage of A/V devices. If you love a credenza but haven’t got the room, check out this lovely alternative! Measures 16” x 3’ x 34 ½”H.

Professional Brewer!

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46764-18. Meet the Model CBS-31Aap by Fetco. If you can’t get your caffeine fix with this I just don’t know what to tell you.

Barrel Full of Crutches!

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$3.00 per set

And honestly, what’s more fun than a barrel full of crutches? The ability to walk again without crutches, yes. But in the interim, crutches are going to help you much more than crawling around on the ground crying out in pain.

Boxes of 6” Bamboo Skewers

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$5.00 per box

You know, I was just thinking of asking the Surplus Store if they had bamboo skewers. And we do! No more of those pesky steel or pine or walnut skewers. Everybody wants bamboo skewers now. Each box has about a bajillion skewers.

Blue-Grey Fabric & Totally ‘80s Chrome Chairs

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$15.00 each (6 available)

47778-21, -22, -23, -30, -32, and -33. Blue-grey? Cadet-blue? Smoky-light-blue? Whatever you call it, the chairs are in excellent shape, and nothing beats the allure SHINY CHROME when you need a good sit.

Super-Stuffed Sofa Chair

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46111-36. It’s super-extra comfortable, and it’s rendered in mysterious “Dusty Rose,” and, hey, it has an arm on just the one side … that’s like a clue or something. This chair may have been a corner unit from some much-larger sectional, but the corner’s where everybody wants to be anyhow. In great shape!

Stacked Washer/Dryer Unit

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47906-1. While we’ve been informed that the dryer does not currently turn on, we do not know the nature of the issue—so for now, that section is a handy storage bin (use it as a laundry basket before your cat claims it as a fort). By Speed Queen. Measures 27 x 28 x 75”H.

Square Laminate Tables

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$5.00 each!

47322-21 and -22. With only a little bit of easily-cleaned surface-schmutz, these two great square tables are right-priced bargains that are sure to go fast! Each table measures 3’-square x 30”-high.

Baby Doll Surprise

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Bless our student staffers—they placed this item amongst the kid’s toys not realizing [one hopes] this is actually an intubation practice dummy. Usually, I figure that when a doll’s face peels off that’s the clue it’s not a kid’s toy, but then I don’t know what weird dolls our student staffers grew up with, so here it is.