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Numbered Key Holders

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$1.00 per set!

Key holders or jewelry statement pieces? You decide. They may look like extraterrestrial coral formations, but they’ll also hold a mess of keys!

Old School Slide Projector

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43492-19. I’d go so far as to say this gem is pre-old-school. And maybe even before that. By Viewlex.

Computer Table

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43493-3. Some people really love these computer tables because of the separate, adjustable keyboard sections. I can’t shake the feeling this looks like a 1960s space station perennially trying to dock beside the mother ship and never quite making contact. But hey, some people go for that. Measures 45” x 4’ x 30”H.

Red-Top Square Table

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Just $5.00!

43351-119. There’s just something very Brady Bunch about this table—no, not that it’s square (although, yeah, that, too). Must be the red surface. When are red surfaces coming back? Probably the same time avocado appliances hit big again. But we’re ready! Measures 32 ½ x 32 x 30”H.

Small Round Table

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43602-2. Maybe it looks mild-mannered and unassuming, but this very nice small round table can support a mean business meeting, card game, and/or suspiciously-spiced lunch. Measures 3’-diameter x 29”-high.


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$25.00 for the whole set

43583-59. Well, this bunch of rollers bracketed by metal came to us listed as “shelving,” and we suppose you could use it for that, but it looks more like the set up for a distribution conveyor—rolling boxes along a line & that sort of thing. Of course, this stuff would also make for one heck of a back scratcher.


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43583-49. This is some We’re-Taking-a-Steamship-Across-the-Atlantic-style luggage with an emphasis on the lug. But if you’re the sort of traveler who can’t leave home without frocks, capes, mufflers, and maybe a cast iron skillet or two, this mighty trunk has got you covered. Measures 26” x 55 ½” x 2’H.

Children’s Play Station

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Just $5.00!

42043-26. While it’s not that Playstation, this sturdy resin play station for kids is an ideal base for all sorts of fantastic make believe that doesn’t require battery recharging. By little tykes.

Wooden Shipping Container

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43531-74. Measuring 31 x 28 x 43 ½”H, this large wooden shipping crate won’t quite work as that guest bedroom you’d been planning, but it will certainly work as that babysitting time-out holding cell we all know you’ve been imagining. But be sure to add a few holes for ventilation. Actually, maybe just use this for shipping and storage because it’s excellent for those uses.

Elliptical Machine

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43583-3. Did you celebrate a bit too much at the last company picnic? Did you have the entire birthday cake? Get back in touch with your inner Adonis & Aphrodite hiking away on this NordicTrack CX938. You can still watch the birthday cake eating channel while working out.

Pallet of “Ground Cloths”

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$15.00 for the whole pallet!

43461-14. You can pretty much throw any old bed sheet on the ground and call it a “ground cloth,” but these thick, grey-black numbers we’ve got are the real deal! Although they probably do not make very comfy bed sheets.

Midmark 75L Exam Chair

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43583-21. Comes with a foot pedal, so you can control the excitement.

Van Folding Bench Seat

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43583-1. Of course, you don’t need a van to enjoy this folding bench seat. Call it a couch if you like! Your friends might wonder why your couch includes seat-belts, but you’re savvy; you can spin it by saying it’s always a bumpy ride in your house. Measures 55 ½” across.

Tank Chair Explosion!

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$20.00 each (16 left!)

43601-1 through -20. Not only are these gorgeous and phat (is phat still a thing?) tank chairs in remarkable condition, they’re all available in matching ivory vinyl. Now, that’s something you don’t see every day. But you certainly could see it every day, you know, if you bought one from us.

Totally Swingin’ Mod Chair

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43563-14. This super design-y mod chair harks back to a time of sharp angles and soft music (and an awful lot of plaid pantsuits). If you put your ear up to it just right you can hear the Swingle Singers turning Mozart into pop songs.

Rotator Oven

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43618-3. Despite its name, this rotator oven by Hybaid is not going to cook 24 hotdogs like that machine at 7-Eleven you think is so awesome. This is a special lab oven. For lab hotdogs.