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Strainer Spoons by Cambro!

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Just .25 each!

Strainer spoons for everyone! Or at least eight of you! Each spoon measures 13”-ling.

Round Laminate Table

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47698-8. Here’s a round laminate-top table that does a surprisingly convincing job of looking like wood. I tell you, they’re getting better & better at that. Still, I’m in no hurry to visit the laminate forest. Measures 3’-diameter x 28”H.

Oval Table

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47703-1. When is small big? This narrow table is a commanding 6-feet long and features sturdy, thick legs & frame, but it will fit in a small space well since it’s just 3-feet wide at its widest point. Measures 6’ x 3’ x 31”H.

Weird Little Side Table

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46196-137. I knew there had to be some design rationale for the odd set-up of the legs on this small table. Turns out it’s meant to slide over the arm of a couch or chair so you can set your drinks and remote controls and smartphones and other nicks-and-nacks on a solid surface rather than having to reach ALL THE WAY OVER to the coffee table or something. Measures 1’ x 20” x 22”H.

Ping-Pong Table

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47373-31. I’ll admit I used to think ping pong was just some game Midwestern people played in their garages & rec rooms to while away the hours before another episode of Family Feud (I grew up one of those people), but then I saw championship ping pong players blasting balls at each other at warp speed and had a little re-think. By Stiga. No net.

Big Stainless Cart with Bumpers

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45124-165. I figure if you’re one person trying to operate a giant stainless steel cart by yourself bumpers can’t hurt. I nearly laid waste to countless people just pulling this thing out for a photo; thank goodness they all bounced off the bumpers. Measures 2’ x 62” x 54”H.

Pallet Pile O’ Mooring Line

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47614-122. Offered here in an alluring shade of sea-foam green (really, though, when has anyone witnessed green sea-foam? And no, a 1992 Ford Probe does not count).

Shiny Silver Fire Extinguishers

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$5.00 each

Collect them all!

Lazy Susan Wood Literature Rack

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47609-16. You remember literature, don’t you? Lazy Susan sure does, and she isn’t all that lazy, either, because she’s taken all of the literature and left you with this handsome wooden unit. Measures 2’-square x 67”-high.

Large Blue Toters GALORE!

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$5.00 each (50+ available)

And you like GALORE, don’t you? Each giant toter measures 26 x 34 x 50”-high and features slots in the attached lids. These massive beauties are ideal for storing your garden compost!

Wall-Mount Chalkboard

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47655-1. Physically-present chalkboard featuring ontologically-perplexing virtual table. Your guess is as good as mine. Measures 51 ½” x 4’H.

Rolling Leather Executive Chair #1

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47655-2. Featuring thickly-padded arms & smooth black leather, this chair will provide the rolling executive in your life with prime napping real estate.

Rolling Leather Executive Chair #2

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47655-7. The more rakishly-styled of our current two leather executive chairs, this model is soft enough for the firmest of execs.

Vintage Heywood Wakefield Lecture Hall Seat

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46985-12. Back in the not-as-distant-as-you-might-think pre-ADA days of higher education, it was not uncommon to encounter a tiered lecture hall full of these visually-striking but super-non-maneuverable Heywood Wakefield (a.k.a. Hey-Woodite) seats anchored to the floor. Taken individually, they really are rather attractive and certainly emblematic of an age. This model is rendered in chrome and “Cold War Turquoise” and features vintage gum underneath that was probably last chewed when Ronnie Reagan reached for a Jelly Belly.

Large & Flat Steel Plate

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Surplus Item # 47396-1

This equipment is located in the parking area at the SE corner of the Harris Hydraulics Lab on the UW’s Seattle campus. It is not located in the Surplus warehouse.

Available now is this large, heavy, and flat steel plate measuring 12’-long x 8’-wide x 1”-thick. The plate is being sold where it sits on the ground, and the buyer will be solely responsible for loading & removal. Estimated weight is 3,000 - 4,000 pounds.

For questions about this item, please contact Ray Hollingsworth at 206-543-1257 / ch32 at uw dot edu.

To purchase this item, please contact the UW Surpus Store: 206-685-1753 and ask for the cashier’s office.

ABI DNA Analyzer: 3730xl

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Item #: 47701-1

The following equipment is located in the UW Health Sciences Building, Room K-161. It is not located at the Surplus warehouse.

Item: Applied Biosystems DNA Analyzer, Model 3730xl, Serial Number 18122-022. D.O.M.: February, 2006, Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Key Components & Features: 96-capillary sequencer is the gold standard for high throughput DNA sequencing. The original laser was replaced with a new laser in January 2013, and the unit has had low to moderate use since then.

Attachments/ Accessories That Come with the Equipment: Sequencer comes with an external computer and flat panel monitor, which includes a suite of software for instrument setup and controls, data diagnostics, visualizations, and data analysis.

Onsite Contact: For questions, or to arrange for a viewing appointment, please contact Dr. Hillary Hayden, Department of Microbiology, at 206-897-1720 / hhayden at uw dot edu.

This equipment is offered as-is, where-is. No warranty is stated nor implied. Buyer is solely responsible for pick-up/ packaging/ removal of equipment. To purchase this equipment, please contact Eric Wahl in the main Surplus office: 206-685-1573 / ericwahl at uw dot edu or surplus at uw dot edu.