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UWPD Bike Sale!

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Priced as marked--many from which to choose

The University of Washington Police Department will be holding an abandoned/ seized bicycle sale at 1117 NE Boat Street, Seattle, WA on June 20, 2015 from 9:00am – 2:00pm. The last two sales have finished earlier than 2:00 PM. The bikes will be sold “As Is.” There will be approximately 120+ bikes of all varieties, from children’s bikes, BMX, hybrid, mountain & road bikes from most manufacturers. UWPD will accept cash or credit/debit cards but no checks. All of the bikes will be priced before the sale, and the prices will be non-negotiable. Limit two bikes per customer. Once you have purchased your two bikes you are welcome to get back in line (at the end) and purchase two more bikes.

Little Grill

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43759-205. It may not hold your brontosaurus steaks, but this little gem of a grill—it stands about 3’-high—can still support several hamburgers & hot dogs … or beef/elk/alpaca/shark/ostrich steaks. Or Portobellos! Plus, it won’t take up your entire balcony or patio!

Rolling Suede Executive Chair

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43744-5. And when you’re a suede executive, you might as well have the chair to match.

Rolling Pedigo Infant Stretcher Crib

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43896-25. It only looks like baby jail. While created for infants that had to spend time in a medical ward, the Pedigo-500 infant crib also surely has some visual appeal to parents of wild children the zoo refused to take.

Wood & Metal Stacking Chairs

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$TBD (but not a million bucks)

43845-107 through -117. For decades, stylish & stackable were two things that simply did not go together. You could have stylish chairs, and you could have stacking chairs, but you simply could not have stylish stacking chairs. It’s like this was a scenario that was just not allowed for some reason. Clearly, there’s been a breakthrough since those sad days of unstylish stacking, and these sharp metal and wood stacking chairs are here to tell the world you did not sacrifice functionality & practicality for looking like a million bucks. And best of all, you didn’t spend a million bucks

Adjustable Corner Computer Desk

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43848-47. Are more people working in corners these days? If they are, and if you want to hop on that trend, you should grab yourself a good corner desk like this sturdy companion. Desk measures approximately 3’ x 50” x 28”H and features two sections in case you want your keyboard at a lower level than your monitor and autographed picture of Wayland Flowers & Madam.

Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk

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43803-8. Sit! Stand! Sit! Stand! Walk in place! It’s like Jazzercize, except this item measures approximately 2’ x 42” x 3’H, and we don’t know Jazzercise’s measurements.

Old School Wooden Desks Tell the World You’ve Read Real Books!

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$10.00 each (3 on the right are ON SALE at just $5.00 each!)

L – R: 43743-6, 43845-56, 43259-14, 43428-3, and 43390-41. Old school wooden desks also sometimes tell the world you know what splinters feel like, but that’s the price one pays for style, and these desks are full of it. We’ve got quite a varied collection of desks and tables lately, and you’re sure to find one (or more) that makes your heart sing.

3-Tiered Table/ Stand

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43845-151. This week has been Table-a-palooza around here, and one of the more unique items to arrive is this 3-tiered table/ stand in metal and wood-grained laminate. Use it as a compact computer & printer workstation, or announce to your three cranky cats they’ve got new napping surfaces! Measures 20 x 29 ½ x 39”H.

Glass-Topped Metal Table

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43848-51. All it really needs is a dust rag. This great glass-topped table features a metal lattice level about 5” below the surface—it’s both a nice design element and a functional shelf for placemats, napkins, or display items like those weird pictures your kid brings home from school. Table measures 59 x 31 x 30”H.

Frankly Strangely-Shaped Tables

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$15.00 each

43762-4, -5, and -35. Noted one passerby: “Looks like they stayed in the oven too long & came out funny.” Well, that’s one theory, and the surface shapes certainly are unique, but they still perform all the expected table duties in perfectly table-ish ways, and who says every table needs to be another dull rectangle? Plus, these unusual units feature lockable wheels for extra functionality. Each table measures approximately 3’ x 65” x 29”H.

Wood & Chrome Round Table

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Just $10.00!

43743-7. Some folks might be put off by the condition of the wood surface of this table, but trust us, this piece is a diamond in the only-semi-rough. The chrome base is in superb condition, and with a surface refinishing, this is going to be one striking table that will engender oohs & ahs from people who aren’t even regular oohers & ahers. Measures 4’-diameter x 30”-high.

Cloth & Wood Sofa

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43749-9. This comfy couch measures approximately 3 cranky infants long (which also equals 2 worn-out 1st-graders or 1 zonked pizza delivery person still in high-tops), which is to say 70 x 30 x 29”H. It’s a great deal at $35.00

Holiday Wreath

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Okay, so before you shout, “Wrong holiday,” notice we didn’t say which holiday. Call it a Northwestern Crown and wear it for the 4th of July. Or invent your own special occasion—perhaps Green Headgear Day—you just might start a new trend like you did when you had that party called Spatulas, Spatulas, Spatulas about which everybody’s still talking. Measures approximately 19”-diameter.

Nerf-ish Footballs

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Just .50 each (3 available)

Who doesn’t have fond memories of Nerf balls? Even if you got beaned in the head with one, nobody lost an eye or incurred a concussion. And frankly, not losing an eye or incurring a concussion are probably good measuring sticks for the relative worth of lots of things. Be the life of the party, or the bane of your office, with one of these great, squishy footballs!

We’re Your Greatest Fans!

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$3.00 - $5.00 each, as marked

If you shop at the Surplus Store, we really are your greatest fans because you help us keep things out of the landfills while supporting the UW’s commitment to sustainability. And if your place of work and/or leisure felt a bit stuffy from the unusually warm weather this past week, you just might be in the market for a fan of the plug-in variety. From clamp-ons to oscillators, we’ve got something sure to cool you off.

Overhead Projectors

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$5, $10, and $20 each, as marked

Yes, we really do get asked frequently if we have overhead projectors, so we figure a lot of you have stuff you want to project overhead, and to that we say, “Come and get ‘em.” Currently, we’ve got some nice models by 3M and Bell & Howell.

Kodak Darkroom Light

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42579-37. Okay, digital children, stop asking what a darkroom is. We know you can Google that on your various devices. This specimen is in particularly nice shape.

8-Unit Locker Bank

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Claimed by a Department!
43859-1. Here’s a nicely-sized 8-unit locker cabinet in great condition that measures 4’ x 15” x 6’H. Each locker unit features a ventilated door, four hooks, and a latch that will accept a combination lock or key padlock.