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Mill: Clausing Atlas Press

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Surplus ID# 41651-1

Clausing Atlas Press Company Mill, Model # 8520. Key components/ features: Power feed/ manual x axis, arm or dial Z feed options, smooth carriage movement. Collects up to 1/2”. Includes assorted cutting tools, fastening equipment, and vise tools. Any known abnormalities/ defects: 3-phase motor will not work in “home” settings.

This equipment is located in Room B076 of the UW Physics/ Astronomy Building (Physics Instrument Shop) and not at the Surplus warehouse.

For questions, or to arrange for a viewing appointment, contact Jim Greenwell, Instrument Shop Manager, at: 206-685-4266/ jgreen11 at uw dot edu.

To purchase this equipment, please visit or contact the UW Surplus Store cashier’s office: 206-685-1573/ 4515 25th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98105. No warranty is stated no implied. This equipment is sold as-is, where-is. Buyer is solely responsible for pick-up and removal of this equipment within 2 weeks after purchase.

Husky Athletic Gear!

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Priced as marked

It may have trickled in sporadically this summer, but now it’s all here—Husky athletic gear is in the house! Select from among cleats still in their boxes, shirts, jerseys, jackets, and more! All items are solely first-come, first-served.

Wood-Topped Cart

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41708-1. Sometimes the simplest things are rendered memorable by the quality of their materials, and this small metal cart certainly falls into that category because of its shiny chrome, sturdy wheels, and cutting-board-style wooden surface. Perfect for small kitchens in which you need a bit of extra storage space and a cutting board! Measures 15 x 21 x 35”H.

Tall Combo Cabinets

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$150.00 each

41577-19 and -20. This pair of large metal cabinets are ideal for keeping items secure thanks to their keys and keypads. Each cabinet measures 46” x 2’ x 78”H.

Grocery Cart!

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41552-20. Whether you’re playing Trudy the Bag Lady from The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe (umbrella hat not included) or have always wanted your own personal cart for downhill races, this authentic grocery cart will fit the bill and leave plenty of room for produce. Measures 3’ x 22 ½” x 40”H.

Framed Artwork

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41531-100. A windblown tree in a ducky landscape (or it could be a dust storm at sunset). Possibly a print, possibly India ink on brushed panel. Framed, 38 x 25 ½”. Signed Earl Newman (we think…or “Earl Newmnkljhkpvjhapsg).

Lab Cabinet #1

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41589-2. It’s like that one time when Dr. Bunsen Honeydew at Muppet Labs invented dart bananas with razor-sharp ends that were supposed to be convenient for throwing against a wall so you always knew where your bananas were, but so many folks had fun chucking them around that Beeker fled the lab screaming, “Meep, meep, meep!” … yeah, this cabinet reminds me of that. Good times. Measures 31” x 6’ x 56”H.

Lab Cabinet #2

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41589-1. Much like Love Potion #9, Lab Cabinet #2 has a curious effect on people. If the sight of this hunk-a hunk-a retro lab furniture compels you to be alone with it in the candle light it’ll set you back a Benjamin. Its bodacious measurements: 31” x 6’ x approximately 3’H.

Glass Display Cases

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$75.00 each (cases w/o keys); $130.00 (case w/ keys)

41596-57, -58, and -59. Because everything looks nicer, rarer, and more expensive once placed inside a glass display case, we bring you three such beauties (shelving included but not pictured). One of the cases comes with keys—for your extra nice/rare/expensive stuff like Star Wars action figures and original Atari joysticks (hey, SOMEDAY). Cases measure 5’ x 20” x 6’H.

Supernice Wood & Fabric Stacking Chairs!

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$10.00 each!

41624-19, -20, -21, -22, and -23. These are much much (much) nicer than any stacking chairs I ever grew up around. All the nice wood, metal, and fabric does make them a bit heavier than your standard stacking chair, but, ooh, look at ‘em. The swells won’t even know they’re stackable, they’re so nice.

Blingy Doctor Just Sort of Sits and Watches You

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And she must be making a fortune because look at the size of the ice she’s sporting. Underside says, “Limited Edition,” just so you know.

Mugs Galore!

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.25 each!

If there’s one thing we love here in the warehouse it’s galore. Need some coffee/tea/hot chocolate mugs? Why pay bloated retail prices when you know we can set you up with some sweet deals. Just .25 each! Fill ‘er up!

Exam Floor Lamps

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41455-37, -38, and -41. Get excited, because the insides of these lampshades appear to be made from real disco balls!

Upright Piano

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41558-20. If you are musically inclined or know someone who is, please come snag this lovely upright piano by Kimball before we have to restrain the next happy-fingered toddler Liberace who comes in. Back of piano bears the number “753756.” Measures 25 x 56 x 46”H.