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Strings of Winning Lights for Winners

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$8.00 for the whole box!

Not that we’re superstitious or anything, but we’ve posted 12 item listings today just in case. To cap it off, we’ve got a box of several holiday light strings (approximately 10 strings) at a bright & winning price.

Erard Grand Piano

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42939-1. There’s something very Miss Havisham about this piano—with lovely wood that must have been dazzling when new, and with its classical lyre-styled pedal mount, the grand old era from which it came remains visible despite the nicks and scratches of time. The story of the Erard company is as fascinating as its creations (really, Google it when you can), and if we’re reading the internal numeral correctly, this piece may be from between 1861 – 1870. Internal piano #: 42833. We are working at assessing the current fair market value and will price it accordingly. We also know that the German Schimmel company bought the Erard name in the 20th century.

Misc Lab Glass Just Arrived!

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$1.00 - $45.00 each, as marked

Yes, Virginia, there is miscellaneous lab glass back in the Surplus Store.

Vintage Children’s Toys Still New-in-Box!

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House set: $20.00; Party Ware set: $30.00; Dolls: $10.00 each

Little Tykes Toddle Toy Family House set, Little Tykes Party Ware set, 14” Love Me Baby dolls by Lovee Doll. Okay, I have to admit, I had to look up the Lovee Doll & Toy Company because I couldn’t believe it was real. Not only was it a real company, it STILL is, somewhere in NYC and somehow without its own website, which: interesting. These boxed gems appear to be from the 1970s or ‘80s, and we know some adults who would get a kick out of owning these, which: also interesting.

Vintage “Clean Move Heavy-Duty Appliance Rollers” Set Still New-in-Box!

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Just .50!

Fancy Boogie Nights lettering isn’t the only attraction to this groovy set of appliance rollers—check out the model’s sassy, carefree kerchief and the ease with which she is now able to move that leviathan brown fridge. So much easier to retrieve all those cat toys now.

Wood & Laminate Desk by Thonet!

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42879-7. Savvy design appreciators know the Thonet name means simple & striking mid-century modern pieces, and this bent wood desk is a prime example. One big, central drawer means you’ll never have to wonder which drawer your thing-a-mabob is in. Or your doo-hickey! Measures 3’ x 18” x 30”H.

Large Wood Reception Desk

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42885-7. It’s rare that I can’t tell if something is wood or laminate, but this very nice-looking reception desk is one such creature. It came to us listed as a wood desk, but its surface appears so utterly unblemished and shiny that I thought it must be a really slick veneer, which it also could be. I suppose it’s possible that some wood is so nice I think it’s veneer (“too nice to be real?”), but then this throws so much into question for me on a Friday that I just don’t know what to do or say anymore other than Go, Hawks, so there you go. Measures 71 x 39 x 41”H.

Rolling Wood Map File Desk

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42918-3. Much like a Seahawks win, this desk is big and gorgeous. Features five wide drawers and a work surface so expansive you could just about win the Stupendous Bowl on it. Measures 40” x 7’ x 31”H.

Upholstered Swirly-Leaves Chairs

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$TBD each (2 available)

42910-20 and -21. It’s like sitting in a forest of upholstered leaves.

Misc Fire Extinguisher Tanks

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$TBD each

Whether you like red or silver, long or short, we’ve probably got a fire extinguisher to match your, uh, fire extinguishing style.

Black 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet Bonanza!

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$10.00 each (42 available)

While we often get file cabinets in the Store, it’s rare we receive so many matching units like these black 2-drawer lateral beauties. Each cabinet measures 19” x 3’ x 28”H.

Super ‘80s Chrome & Fabric Rolling Office Chair

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Just $5.00!

42829-5. Imagine the fantastically big hair that might have sat in this very chair while having total eclipses of the heart. Turn around bright eyes, your chrome still shines!