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Misc Hard Hats!

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$2.00 each

Whether you’ll be visiting an actual construction area or just playing Bob the Builder with the kids, these hard hats will at least ensure you look the part.

Humidifier Heaters

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$20.00 each (12 available)

Behold, the Concha Therm Hi-Flow humidifier heater, catalog number 380-55R. We’ve got 12 of them, and while I can’t for the life of me see how these keep delicious conch warm, I usually just wait and order it at a seafood restaurant like everybody else.

A Very Blue Chair: The Wallace Stevens

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43551-26. The man bent over his chair/ An office man of sorts. The day was green./ They said, “You have a blue chair/ It does not play things as we swear.”/ The man replied, “Things as you swear/ Are changed upon the blue chair.”/ And they said then, “But play you must/ A tune beyond us, yet ourselves/ A tune upon the blue chair/ Of things exactly as we swear.”


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If you put clay over this skull the way forensics experts do, you’d likely end up with a cartoon character, as the features & proportions are not quite biologically astute, but we’ll apologize if you knew him, Horatio. 6”-high.

Specklewear Pots

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$2.00 each!

Something about these old-timey Specklewear pots & lids makes me think of my grandparents’ cabin in the woods. Probably the speckles. Each pot measures approximately 10”-diameter x 9”H.

Office Chair: The Leaf Explosion

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Just $5.00!

42866-24. Feel like you’re out in the forest while doing your Excel pivot tables. The fabric on this chair tells the world, I’ve got strong feelings about foliage.

Ottomans/ Hassocks/ Foot Stools!

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$15.00 each

43344-20, -21, and -22. The great thing about this trio is that one can be a hassock, one can be an ottoman, and one can be a foot stool, and then we’re all happy. Burgundy fabric over wood legs. Each item measures 22 x 26 x 19”H.

Sleeper Chair

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43411-34. With wood accents and tan vinyl that sure seems like leather to the touch, this slick chair features a neat trick—it can be made to fold flat and used as a sleeper. As though you’ve never just fallen asleep in a regular chair anyway.

Unsettling Stuffed Pooch

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The thing is, it’s just about too lifelike. We have enough customers coming through here with their own real creatures that each time I see this stuffed pooch—and our humor-stricken student staffers keep moving it around the warehouse—I think it’s real, so I bend down to greet it and let it sniff my hand, but it just sits there. Because it’s not real. Then again, it’s also not drooling on things, not eating us out of house & home, and not chewing up mom’s shoes. It’s the ideal pet, really. All the same, it would be great if you came and bought it so I stop trying to communicate with it or ask it if it’s lost.

Large Square Table

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43353-3. Here’s a great, large square table with an easy-to-clean laminate surface, all in great shape. From workspace to dining table, this table can handle it. Measures 42”-square x 31”H.

Misc Typewriter Carts

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Just $5.00 each!

Pity the forgotten typewriter cart from a semi-bygone age, so sturdy, so eager to please, so currently misunderstood (no, it’s not a child’s version of a dining table … unless you want it to be). With their left and right drop-sides, they’re perfect for laptop projects while you’re on the couch, for instance, and will prevent you from frying your lap. And nobody enjoys a fried lap.

Boots! Galoshes! Rubbers! Wellies!

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$15.00 per pair

Whatever you call them, they’ll do a great—or smashing, or brilliant, or capital—job of protecting your toes—or piggies, or digits, or tinkers—from wet & muck.

Matching Conical Vases

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.25 each!

These small, conical glass vases—some of them be-ribboned—won’t take up much space on a desk or table, but will allow you to brighten your space with a nice spring bloom or two. And hey, that would be a nice gift for the gal whose lunch you stole out of the communal fridge. We know it was you. Just saying.

Comic Books!

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.75 - $6.50 each, as marked

Batman, Spider-Man, The Flash (best Underoos choice, BTW), Spawn, Star Wars, and more!

Assorted Old School Gauges, Hardware, and Doohickies

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$1.00 - $50.00 each, as marked

The Liar’s Club was a great old 1970s game show hosted by Allen Ludden (Betty White’s husband, usually wearing some fantastic safari jacket) in which a celebrity panel was handed an obscure object they each had to explain to contestants. The contestants would have to guess which celebrity was telling the truth about the object. Looking at this well-preserved collection of assorted old gauges, hardware, and doohickies (technical term there), I’d say every single object from The Liar’s Club may well be represented here.

Curvy Classroom Tables

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Just $5.00 each! (28 available)

43338-1 through -28. Tired of the same old rectangular desks? Go jellybean and get one (or several) of these curvy classroom tables instead! The convex right sides nestle the curved left sides such that you could create an undulating snake chain of desks if you really want to go wild. Each desk measures approximately 44 x 38 x 28 ½”H.

Wood & Checked Fabric Couches

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$35.00 each

43353-1 and -6. Each of these matching couches is in great shape and features a subdued dark grey & black checked fabric pattern and wood arm accents. They work much better horizontally than vertically, but who are we to judge?

Propane Outdoor Grill

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43396-1. Get a jump on summer with this propane outdoor grill by Big John Grills & Rotisseries! This is the real reason your sweetie got you that “Kiss the Chef” apron in the first place. Outdoor use only.

Stacking Chair Bonanza!

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1 chair: $25.00; 2 chairs: $40.00; 3 chairs: $60.00; 4 chairs: $75.00

Just in! We’ve got 1,250 (you read that right) extremely nice matching black resin & chrome metal stacking chairs available!
Style: “Metropolis.” Dimensions: 20 1/2” deep x 21” wide x 32” back height x 18 1/2” seat height. Hi-Rek plastic resin shell in black. Polished chrome frame: 0.625” diameter, 14-gauge steel. Factory-installed self-leveling steel glides on four legs. Use for carpet & wood floors. Ganging: yes. Underseat: plastic bumpers. Stacks on floor: 6 - 8 high. Stacks on dolly: 16 - 18 high. Indoor and outdoor use with UV protection.

UW Departments & Priority Group Customers: contact the Surplus office to find out about large-qty discounts!

The Return of Luigi

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Yes, we’ve had one before.