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Dawg Daze Swag for Students!

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Free for UW students while suplies last!

Hey, Huskies, we’re super-glad you’re back for a new school year! We want to welcome you into [or welcome you back into] the best way to be a sustainability-minded & frugal UW shopper and get [re]acquainted with your UW Surplus Store. Tuesday, September 23rd is our official Dawg Daze welcome event Public Store, and we’ve got some frankly awesome & eminently useful purple cinch back sacks to hand out to students both new & returning while supplies last. So come in and check us out Tuesdays from noon – 6pm, and discover the best source for great deals on campus!

Portable A/C!

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41933-35. If you spent any time in an un-air-conditioned place in Seattle this summer, you know there were a few days or weeks during which you might have tackled a store clerk to get your hands on one of these. Be prepared for the next heatwave with this great portable unit by SoleusAir!

Dishes & Housewares!

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Priced as marked, most items .25 - $1.00 each!

This time of year always brings an influx of new & returning students, many of whom are moving into apartments for the first time and looking for frugal ways to outfit their domiciles without having to rely entirely on Mom & Dad and leftover red plastic party cups from Chip & Veronica’s kegger last week. We’re stocked to the gills with great deal on dishes (just .25 each unless otherwise marked), mugs, glasses, bowls, and much more!

Film Splicer/ “Tape Cutter”

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When this great old item came in, our ever-curious student staffers, bless ‘em, thought this was used as a literal tape cutter—like before civilization had figured out how to put cellophane tape into a toothed desktop dispenser we had to use this ten ton thing (this reminds me we should revive the game show The Liar’s Club, because we could stump Millennials with all kinds of cool stuff). Anyhow, tape is used in this implement because it’s an old film splicer, used for clear-taping strips of film together (it was like manual Final Cut Pro, kids). This gem is the NeuTaper, which sounds German but was made in japan, so there you go. Don’t say we never taught you anything.

Assorted Microscopes!

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Priced as marked, $45.00, $65.00, and up

Just arrived is a nice selection of microscopes from makers including Olympus, Bausch & Lomb, AO Spencer, and more!

Air Compressor

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$100.00 and it’s yours!

41933-18. Yes, ladies & gentlemen, this is the Kobalt oil-free 26-gallon air compressor with 155 max PSI that all the folks of taste, refinement, and distinction are talking about. You’ve just got to have one; absolutely everybody’s getting one. Don’t be the one person on your block without it!

Electric Typewriter: The Green Machine!

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Just $5.00!

Okay, so before half of Gen-X emails me to point out what I already know, I’ll acknowledge that for people of a certain age The Green Machine was actually the rival of the Big Wheel (although its only redeeming feature was that it had a sort-of brake). But this snappy, built-like-a-tank IBM Selectric II has lasted just as long, if not longer, and it’s still here ready to type away, loud & proud—so we feel it has earned the Green Machine moniker, too. Heck, if you want to put it on wheels and ride it down the hill screaming about the last episode of CHiPs, who are we to argue?
UPDATE: Alas, we’ve just been informed that this typewriter gave up during a functionality test, so we have had to remove it from the sales floor and recycle it. Revenge of the Green Machine aficionados, I guess. Touche.

Wood Coffee Table

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40857-46. This gorgeous wooden coffee table proves your grandma right—it is far too nice to just set your coffee on, so for goodness’ sake, use a coaster; you weren’t raised in a barn! This table features 2 deep cubbies and two cleverly-integrated deep drawers. Measures 40 x 40 x 17”H.

Workbench #1: Vise to Meet You

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41933-47. Here’s a handy & sturdy workbench on wheels that comes with an attached vise, which is perfect for holding things in place while you’re rolling around the workshop. Measures 30” x 5’ x 40”H.

Workbench #2: The Blue Steel

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41933-37. Sporting drawers and an upper shelf, this great workbench measures 3’ x 5’ x 78”H. The dashing blue is a bonus and will make you the envy of everyone in the general vicinity of your garage/basement/shed.

Metal Carts

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$35.00 (left) and $50.00 (right)

41814-22 (left) and 41814-21 (right). Just in time for moving your stuff into the dorms, a new apartment, a new you-name-it—these excellent carts will be happy to, uh, cart your stuff around. But promise us that if you do end up racing them you’ll wear a helmet or something sensible. Cart on left measures 21” x 2’ x 3’H. Cart on right measures 21 x 37 x 37”H.


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41996-147. Not just for recovering from our amazing prices, this sturdy wheelchair features wheel brakes/locks and sleek black vinyl. A useful mobility aid to be sure!

Small Sofa

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41996-122. This boldly-patterned and compact sofa features wood arm accents and storage space underneath where usually one finds springs or dust bunnies or every cat toy you ever bought for Mr. Fluffypants. Measures 2’ x 5’ x approximately 33”H.

Rolling Executive Chair

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41920-20. If you don’t have a rolling executive in your life, why not be one yourself? Your house, your rules, your rolling executive chair! We’re 99% sure this beauty is leather in addition to the nice wood trim and casters, so come in and wheel out a deal!

It’s Bones on Display

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Here’s what looks like a portion of a very small pelvis and partial leg bone + bonus surgical socket device. But is it art?

Polaroid Instant Cameras!

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$2.00 each!

Where are Mariette Harley & James Garner when you really need them? [Kids, ask your folks]. Available here: Polaroid Impulse, Polaroid 600 Business Edition (oooh!), and Polaroid Spectra System.