Misc Husky Athletic Gear

Misc Husky Athletic Gear
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While we’re sorry to report we didn’t receive the giant amount of athletic gear we’ve grown accustomed to receiving this fall, we have compiled all the current Husky athletic gear we’ve saved up, and there are still bargains to be found for the savvy Husky shopper & athletic supporter. Choose from among:
Cleats/ Shoes: $20.00 each
Baseball Pullovers: $30.00 each
Baseball Jerseys: $35.00 each
Athletic Tees: $10.00 each
Long Sleeve Shirts: $15.00 each
Pants/ Sweats: $10.00 each
Shorts: $10.00 each
Jock Straps (new-in-box): $1.00 each
Other items priced as marked.

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