Baby Grand Piano:

Baby Grand Piano:
Price: $5,625.00
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This 1940 Mason & Hamlin baby grand piano (including bench, felted piano cover, and piano dolly), may have some superficial, cosmetic issues, but its heart is strong, tuneful, and surprising. Serial # 49328. As piano enthusiasts know, Mason & Hamlins are rare pianos. The company makes no more than 350 per year with it patented internal workings. You would be hard-pressed to find one available online for less than the $20k range. We know from Condon Hall, the original home of this piano, that a $6,000.00 refinishing was performed in 1993. Says a longtime Condon Hall staffer, “Many pianists have used this instrument, who were at first put off because of it’s cosmetic condition, that is, until they played it. They couldn’t believe the quality of its sound.”

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