Audio/Video Equipment

Items shown represent a small selection of current inventory.

Assorted TVs

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$15 - $25

We often receive a variety of “pre-HD, pre-widescreen, pre-light-weight” televisions that we’re happy to offer at “non-crazy” prices. Historians tell me these implements are great for viewing “pre-HD, pre-rectangle, pre-3D, pre-I-don’t-need-to-see-the-newscaster’s-pores” DVDs and such. Photo represents a random sampling of the TVs we get in.

Carousel Slide Trays

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A few weeks ago we had several people asking if we had any carousel slide trays in stock, and we didn’t. Now, of course, we have a bonanza of them, inclusive of their respective central locks to hold slides in place. This is a perfect example of the ever-changing nature of the surplus warehouse—if you don’t see what you’re looking for one week it may very well show up the next week! Back in the day, people used to bore their neighbors silly with slide shows of their trips to the Grand Canyon. I’m certain the Brady Bunch did this.

Film Splicer/ “Tape Cutter”

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When this great old item came in, our ever-curious student staffers, bless ‘em, thought this was used as a literal tape cutter—like before civilization had figured out how to put cellophane tape into a toothed desktop dispenser we had to use this ten ton thing (this reminds me we should revive the game show The Liar’s Club, because we could stump Millennials with all kinds of cool stuff). Anyhow, tape is used in this implement because it’s an old film splicer, used for clear-taping strips of film together (it was like manual Final Cut Pro, kids). This gem is the NeuTaper, which sounds German but was made in japan, so there you go. Don’t say we never taught you anything.


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.25 each!

Ask your parents. Don’t hold them up to your ears—there’s movies on these things!

WolfVision Document Camera

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41499-4. These cameras are highly prized for their clarity and functionality. This model is the VZ-8plus.

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