Audio/Video Equipment

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Microfiche Reader/ Printer!

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42829-22. Have you been on the hunt for late 20th-century-era technology in classic tech beige? Try on this glamorous Canon PC Printer-80 complete with … plug. You may not remember Prince’s romantic song, “Little Beige Microfiche Reader”—it never really got the attention it deserved—but now you can look up old articles about that and much more, if the articles are on microfiche and you feel like going on a fiche-ing trip.

Misc Retro-Stupendous Film Spools!

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$1.00 - $7.00 each, as marked

They’re kind of like industrial snowflakes in a variety of colors & shapes. Decorate your walls with them, string them together to make funky sculptures/ mobiles, or spool film on them (I KNOW!).

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