Counseling Center

How to Schedule an Appointment

Intake Appointments

To begin meeting with a counselor, you must first schedule an intake appointment. An intake is an opportunity to discuss your presenting concerns and develop a treatment plan with a counselor based on your needs. On the day of your appointment, you must arrive 30 minutes early to fill out standardized forms. When you are finished with your forms, you will then meet with a counselor. In the session, your counselor will likely ask questions about your mental health history, family, background, and current functioning, to develop the most appropriate plan with you. An intake appointment typically lasts 45-50 minutes.

To schedule an appointment:

  • Call 206-543-1240 at or after 8:30 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays for a same-day intake appointment (offered at 1 pm and 3:30 pm). Same-day intake appointments for autumnn quarter will end on Friday, December 7th. They will be offered again during winter quarter.
  • You may also be able to schedule an intake appointment in advance. Call to check on availability, as there are a limited number of appointments. There is typically a 2 week wait.

We offer same-day intakes during the regular school year only; they are unavailable during breaks and summer quarter.

One-Time Appointments

We are currently offering a limited number of one-time appointments for students who have one or two concerns they would like to discuss with a counselor. During this one-time meeting, the counselor will help students create an action plan for addressing their concerns. This service is available for students who are not interested in ongoing counseling.

We currently have one-time appointments available on:

  • Tuesday, January 22nd, 1:30 pm
  • Wednesday, January 23rd, 11:00 am
  • Friday, January 25th, 11:00 am
  • Monday, January 28th, 10:30 am

To schedule a one-time appointment, call the Counseling Center at 206-543-1240.

We do not offer walk-in or drop-in appointments. If you are in crisis, we do have a counselor-on-duty who may be able to meet with you. For more information about our crisis services, please refer to our Crisis Services page.

To request disability accommodations for your appointment, contact the Disability Services Office at 206-543-6450 (voice), 206-543-6452 (TTY), 206-685-7264 (fax), or, preferably at least 10 days in advance.