Counseling Center

Counseling Center Staff

Leadership Team

Natacha Foo Kune, Ph.D. (2005), Ohio State University, Columbus. Director and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60634517 (WA).

Linda Anderson, Ph.D. (2003), Indiana University, Bloomington. Associate Director/Clinical Director and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60316112 (WA).

John Rumney, M.S. (2009), Eastern Washington University. Assistant Director for Operations and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, License #LH 60215760 (WA).

Charisse Williams, Ph.D. (2007), University of Florida. Assistant Director/Training Director and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60059524 (WA).

Kayleen McGinley, B.A. (1998), Seattle University. Administrator.

Clinical Staff

Yi-An Lo Burleson, Ph.D. (2013), West Virginia University. International Student Services Coordinator, Career Coordinator and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60503528 (WA).

Amy Collins, Ph.D. (2009), Texas A&M University. Prevention Services Coordinator, Residential Life Liaison and Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60321662 (WA).

Fransing S. Daisy, Ph.D. (1989), University of Washington. Clinical Psychologist, License #PY00001750 (WA).

Sara Dale, Psy.D. (2003), Forest Institute of Professional Psychology. Clinical Psychologist, License #PY00003088 (WA).

Michele S. Meola, Ed.D. (1988), Western Michigan University. Counseling Psychologist, License #PY00002273 (WA).

Aileen Park, Ph.D. (2002), Boston College. Counseling Psychologist, License #PY60594802 (WA).

Lina Pranata, Ph.D. (2005), University of Utah. Counseling Psychologist. License #PY60530231 (WA).

Scott Shiebler, Ph.D. (2003), Seattle Pacific University; M.S.W. (1989). Counseling Psychologist, License #PY00003187 (WA); Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, License #LW0004691 (WA).

David Slagle, M.S. (1985), Seattle Pacific University. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, License #LF1108 (WA).

Iris Song, Psy.D. (2010), The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Clinical Psychologist, License #PY60639248 (WA).

Caitlin Stanaway, Psy.D. (2013), The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Clinical Psychologist, License #PY60531204 (WA).

Anne Swenson, Ph.D. (2007), Case Western Reserve University. Assessment Coordinator and Clinical Psychologist, License #PY00003692 (WA).

Support Staff

Teresa Harvey, B.A. (1997), University of Washington. Program Coordinator.

Ryan Mitchell, B.A. (2007), Boston University. Program Assistant.

Professional Psychology Interns 2016 – 2017

Halley Brown, B.A. (2008), University of Arizona. Doctoral candidate at University of Utah.

Mica McGriggs, B.S. (2012), Northern Arizona University. Doctoral candidate at Brigham Young University.

Theresa Chan, M.A. (2010), University of Florida. Doctoral candidate at Auburn University.