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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

Renewable Resource Science Initiative: Sustainable Campus Community Demonstration Project

College of Forest Resources

As a society, we have made major efforts to change our disposal practices; there is emerging recognition of the true environmental impact of production, or what we might call "life cycle analysis".

This project will develop an interdisciplinary curriculum in the area of Sustainable Resource Sciences. A demonstration compost facility on the UW Seattle campus will provide an infrastructure for education, technology transfer, research, and University operations.

This project will produce compost from the organic waste materials generated on campus, or can be used to test specific mixtures at the request of the community. The process, end product, and demonstration of end product use will be well documented and available for long-term, solid-waste planning and management by the University and our community.

Contact: Charles Henry
Research Associate Professor, College of Forest Resources
Allocation: $129,860
Date Funded: September 1998

March, 1999

There are two major objectives that were funded by the Tools for Transformation Program:
1. Development of the undergraduate curriculum for SRS, including developing new classes, and
2. Construction of a compost demonstration facility Program Development

The major accomplishments towards program development are:

  • Alignment with the Program on the Environment, and other colleges.
  • Creation of a Sustainable Resource Sciences committee to give direction to PoE and CFR about interdisciplinary program approaches, content and curriculum development.
  • Five new SRS core classes are being taught, and proposals have been developed for four more.
  • Interim degree is now offered under Conservation of Wildland Resources, CFR.
  • A UIF proposal was submitted. In the process we conducted a workshop with 17 faculty from 5 colleges (8 departments).
  • SRS website:
  • Preliminary approval for SRS by the HEC Board.
  • "Green Globe" award by King County.
  • Board of Regents presentation February 19.
  • The major accomplishments towards construction of the compost facility are:

  • Collaboration in design: CFR, Construction Management Department, Civil Engineering and Green Mountain Technologies.
  • Educational opportunities, including classes and planning for research projects.
  • Matching funds from King County, Seattle, Green Mountain Technologies, and Northwest Biosolids Management Association.
  • Some construction has begun, equipment/components are being purchased.

    Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals