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Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals

Choreographer and Composer Collaboration

College of Arts & Sciences: School of Music, Dance Program

This project, entitled Choreographer and Composer Collaboration, will develop a regular framework for creative collaboration among student dancers and musicians, which will involve student composers from the School of Music and graduate student choreographers in Dance, and culminate in an annual series of public performances by students of student collaborative work. As part of the support framework, there may be a new course for composers and choreographers that will explore the history, theory, and practice of such collaborations. Drama school students may collaborate on the production in lighting, costume and set design. This collaboration is among the first in the nation to embrace the reality of the professional performing arena and to prepare its students for that eventuality.

Contact: John Rahn
Professor, School of Music

Hannah Wiley
Professor and Director, Dance Program

Allocation: $49,103
Date Funded: October 1998

March, 1999
Choreographer and Composer Collaboration received support to make possible regular collaborations between choreographers in the Dance MFA program and student composers of music, culminating in an annual concert each year.
A pilot project was completed in December, 1998, with a successful concert of seven collaborative works in Meany Studio Theater. Professors Wiley and Rahn have designed two new courses, Dance 530 and Dance 531, which are currently in the approval process at the College of Arts and Sciences. Dance 530 will be offered each Spring term as a workshop bringing the history and theory of dance/music collaborations to bear on trial projects by the student choreographers and composers in the class. Dance 531, offered the following Autumn, will realize this potential in the actual, concert collaborations at the end of that quarter. The sound equipment is now in the toils of the purchasing process.

Tools for Transformation Funded Proposals