City or Location: Athens
State: na

Subject: acropolis

Subject: Acropolis

Subject: agora

Subject: agora

Subject: city view

Subject: city views

Subject: Erechtheum

Subject: Parthenon

Subject: propylea

Subject: Stoa of Attalus (restored c. 19th c)

Subject: streets and shops

Subject: Temple of Hephaisteion

Subject: Temple of Olympian Zeus

Subject: Theater of Dionysos

City or Location: Cape Sounion
State: na

Subject: Temple of Poseidon

City or Location: Delphi
State: na

Subject: amphitheater

Subject: Gymnasium

Subject: Sanctuary of Apollo

Subject: Stadium

Subject: Temple of Apollo

Subject: Theater

City or Location: Greece
State: na

Subject: countryside

City or Location: Istanbul
State: na

Subject: Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmet Camii)

City or Location: Mycenae
State: na

Subject: Lion Gate

City or Location: na
State: na

Subject: Aegean Sea

Subject: coastline