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Welcome from the Dean

Dean Ed Taylor
Dean Ed Taylor

Dear Alumni of Undergraduate Academic Affairs,

Where was your most dynamic and interesting class? Was it a large lecture or a small, evocative discussion group? Was it in a turn-of-the-century building—Smith, Savery or Parrington Hall? Maybe seated in a circle on the quad on a spring day? Who was teaching and what were they doing?

The classes of 2012, ’13, ’14 and beyond are increasingly in research labs, community settings, and being taught by familiar and new names like Robert Crutchfield, Robin Stacey, Ben Kerr and Mary Pat Wenderoth.

In this issue of UAA’s Alumni e-newsletter, we look at students’ experiences in 21st century classrooms. Students in an anthropology class on this campus are connected—via videoconferencing—with students and experts at our cross-state rival, WSU. This class shows that we can be rivals on the basketball court and partners in enriching the classroom experience through collaboration and ingenuity.

You’ll read about two alumni who brought their experiences in classrooms and beyond to classrooms around the world, helping youth in Tajikistan and Cambodia gain access to learning.

This spring, we’ll invite you back to the classroom on May 28 for our Distinguished Teaching Award Showcase to experience some of the University’s most talented teachers. See you in May!


Dean Ed Taylor




Ed Taylor,
Vice Provost and Dean
Undergraduate Academic Affiairs

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