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Alumna Christine Kessler Gets 'Off the Couch' in New Book

'Fresh Off the Couch' book cover

Imagine a personal trainer who has completed triathlons and Iron Man competitions—you're probably picturing someone young and skinny. But Seattle-based trainer and social worker Cris Kessler, MSW '90, is 5'6", 175 pounds and 57 years old. Kessler is also the co-author of a fitness book called "Fresh Off the Couch." She believes the first step to getting in shape is redefining what that means.

“As a social worker I spent too many years watching people literally work themselves into disability and sometimes even death from physical neglect or efforts to just lose weight.

Then I found out that "Thinness is NOT fitness." I couldn't wait to write a book and not only dispel some of these harmful myths but also to give everyone who wants to a way that they could improve their fitness and the quality of their daily life,” Kessler said.

Listen to Kessler talk with KUOW's Jeremy Richards or visit www.freshoffthecouch.com

Congratulations Cris!

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