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A Welcome from the Dean

Dean Edwina Uehara
Dean Edwina Uehara

Welcome to the first e news of School’s 75th Anniversary celebration!

As Dean, I am honored and thrilled to celebrate values established by the School’s early founders, and look forward to celebrating the School’s many accomplishments!

Established in 1934 at the height of the Great Depression, the University of Washington School of Social Work prepared social workers to meet the grand challenges of the time. Today, more than ever, the School of Social Work is in the business of seeking solutions to the seemingly intractable social problems of our day. As the contents of this issue of E-news so clearly demonstrate, a great school of social work can possess both scientific heft and organizational nimbleness—accommodating a wide range of powerful programs and partnerships.

The School strives to model what universities can do and must do to best serve society. We bring keen analysis and evidence to bear upon complex problems. We recruit and educate the best and brightest to service and leadership. We partner strategically to create lasting social change.

For us, in the Pacific Northwest, collaboration comes naturally. There is a deep-seeded culture here of community engagement, risk-taking and innovation. When we add hands-on research, high ideals and hard work, we make a world of difference.

Social work becomes social change.

Warmest regards,

Chair Ray Huey


Edwina Uehara

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