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Come Help Us Celebrate 75 Years!

75th anniversary celebration

Our 75th anniversary is a time to consider how our future is made possible by those who went before us. Established in 1934 at the height of the Great Depression, the UW School of Social Work and its early founders dreamed of a future without social and economic injustice.

Successive leaders carried this core value forward, building a strikingly influential and diverse community of scholars and students who challenge limits, redress inequity and redefine the possibilities for human flourishing.

The vision that motivated the School’s founders inspires us to renew their legacy. Honoring our history, we take a seat at the table. We bring our expertise and energy to bear on solving the seemingly intractable social problems of the day. We join with others, within and beyond the university who are equally committed to the task.

At its heart, social work is social change.

Learn about upcoming events, defining moments, decisive leadership, research milestones and more at our 75th anniversary Web site.

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