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Students in the News

Anttimo Bennett (photo by Peter Scott)
Anttimo Bennett

Anttimo Bennett Speaks Against Sexual Assault
ASUW President Anttimo Bennett (BASW ’09) spoke out against sexual assault and relationship violence at the April 8 rally to kick-off to Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Awareness Month. Watch this video to learn more about the event.

Gillian Marshall Named SSW Magnuson Fellow for 2009-10
Congratulations to Gillian Marshall, recipient of a Magnuson scholarship for 2009-10. The prestigious Magnuson award is given each year to one student in each of the six University of Washington Health Sciences schools. Selection criteria are academic performance and the student’s potential for contribution to research in the health sciences. The late Sen. Warren G. Magnuson, in whose name the program was established, was committed to improving the nation’s health through biomedical research and was instrumental in establishing the National Institutes of Health, Medicare and Medicaid during his long U.S. Senate career. 

Gillian’s dissertation research focuses on racial and ethnic differences in depressive symptoms among older adults. She will be using data from the National Survey of American Life to examine differences between older African Americans and Caribbean blacks. The black population in the U.S. has become more diverse in recent decades, and very few studies have examined within-group variability. While African Americans and Caribbean blacks share a common race, there is considerable heterogeneity between them with respect to history, experience, living context, beliefs and cultural norms. Such diversity raises fundamental questions regarding the methodologies used to conduct research involving ethnic minorities.

Eric Waithaka Earns Shanahan Endowment CSDE Fellowship for 2009-10
Congratulations to Eric Waithaka on being awarded a Shanahan fellowship for the coming year. CSDE fellowships are awarded to highly qualified graduate students who specialize in demography and population studies as part of their doctoral programs. The core of CSDE consists of a large group of productive population scholars, with disciplinary homes in the departments of sociology, athropology, economics, geography, history, statistics, psychology and international studies, as well as the Evans School of Public Affairs, UW schools of social work and public health.

Alma Trinidad Receives 2009 J. Scott Briar Award
Alma Trinidad is the recipient of this year's J. Scott Briar Award, named in honor of the former dean of the School of Social Work and founder of the doctoral program. The award provides $1,000 additional support for the recipient's doctoral studies from an endowed fund that honors Dr. Briar’s contributions to social work education, research and practice.

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