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Summer Institutes at SPH

It may seem that weve barely put winter 2010 behind us, but summer plans are already under way.

19th Annual Summer Institute for Public Health Practice
The Summer Institute for Public Health Practice is a Northwest tradition. First held by the NWCPHP in 1991, the week-long institute has evolved to meet the diverse needs of public health practitioners. This year the institute will be held August 9–13, 2010 at the University of Washington campus in Seattle.

All participants attend top-notch plenary sessions and then divide into separate courses depending on their chosen area of focus. Focus areas for this year's courses include Basic Epidemiology, Health and the Built Environment, Health Communication, Implementing Program Planning and Evaluation, and Tools of the Trade: Practical Skills for Managers.

For more information, please visit us online or contact Trudy San Jose White at 206-685-2931 or sanjose@u.washington.edu.

Bruce Weir, biostatistics chair
Chair Bruce Weir,

15th Annual Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics
The School’s Department of Biostatistics will offer the 15th annual Summer Institute in Statistical Genetics, June 14–July 2, 2010. This institute attracts over 300 participants from around the world, and it provides modern approaches to interpreting genetic data. The areas of application range from plant and animal breeding to evolutionary theory to mapping human disease genes. Some of the institute modules cover basic genetics and statistics while others cover advanced areas of theoretical statistical genetics. During the same period the department will offer the second annual Summer Institute in Statistics and Modeling for Infectious Diseases.

Get information and registration details for both institutes.

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