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The School’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has made news with two important studies this spring, finding first that giving money to fight AIDS and other diseases has mixed results: while some countries doubled their health budgets, others cut their health spending. The institute will further explore domestic health spending, track development assistance for health contributions, and forecast international spending on health aid in its upcoming report, Financing Global Health 2010, to be published this summer.

Findings of a second study, published in The Lancet, show that maternal deaths are falling worldwide (although not in the U.S.). The results run counter to what has been the prevailing wisdom on maternal mortality. IHME Director Chris Murray said: "There are still too many mothers dying worldwide, but now we have a greater reason for optimism than has generally been perceived."

To see some of IHME’s data, maps, and a list of all countries ranked by their maternal mortality ratio, check out the institute’s website.

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