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Laura Lee Johnson
Laura Lee Johnson

Laura Lee Johnson, (’00, M.S. and ’02, Ph.D., biostatistics), currently a statistician at NIH, designated a recent gift to 18 different funds, in more than one department and mostly for student support. Laura did the same thing last year with the goal of "making a statement," despite not being able to donate a large amount of money. She took to heart a challenge from some classmates who urged alumni to give something back to what had mattered to them most in school. Laura says, "At the end of each year, I balance the books, see what I can donate, and then distribute it to the organizations that helped me so they can continue to help others. I was always impressed with our School’s student support, and in my own small way I try to help students get through rigorous programs and turbulent times." Many thanks to Laura Lee for contributing to our School and our students so thoughtfully.

Janice Kay Richards
Janice K. Richards

Janice Kay Richards, (’08, M.H.A., health services) has been focusing her efforts on building her massage therapy business, The Healing Zone, at Cascade Women's Health in Yakima, Wash. She is also lead vocalist in the rock cover band Unhinged and a soprano in the Yakima Valley Light Opera Company. Last summer she sang the national anthem at a Yakima Bears baseball game.

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