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Rotations: Some Highlights

Seattle’s Hot Spots
Within the Seattle area, the following preceptor facilities placed the most students—by specialty—last year:

  • Clinic: Harborview Medical Center, Madison Clinic
  • Community: Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Inc.
  • General medicine: Swedish Medical Center, Cherry Hill
  • Health system: UW Medical Centerinfectious disease
  • Other: Walgreen’s Seattle, Central Areamanagement

Beyond the Mainland
UW pharmacy students have traveled the world for rotations in recent years. Between 2008-10, students completed rotations in:

  • Alaska: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Sitka
  • China: Kowloon
  • Dominica: Roseau
  • France: Lyon
  • Hawaii: Kailua-Kona
  • Japan: Tokyo
  • South Korea: Seoul
  • Switzerland: Basel, Geneva
  • Thailand: Khon Kaen
  • Uganda: Ibulanku
  • United Kingdom: London
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