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House of Knowlege Hall

A Dream 35 Years in the Making: the House of Knowledge

For more than 35 years, Native American leaders, faculty and staff throughout the region, on campus and off, have wanted a place for their communities’s students to gather and remain connected to their heritage and community. With tribal and community support, the University of Washington is moving forward on building the House of Knowledge. 

A focus of the House of Knowledge is to increase Native American student success at UW, preparing them for leadership roles in their tribal communities and the region. While the UW has made promising gains in recruiting Native American students, retention and graduation rates for Native American students are less than those of other student groups, both at UW and at colleges across the country. The House of Knowledge will support students’ ability to remain involved in their home tribes and communities through its social and academic programs and its symbolic design.  We envision that tribal elders and community members will gather at the House of Knowledge for dialogue, storytelling and sharing knowledge with our students.

This longhouse-style structure, reminiscent of the traditional dwelling and ceremonial structures of the coastal tribes, will be a gathering place offering hospitality and warmth to Native American students and people of all cultures. It has already become a focal point of discussion between the university and tribal communities, fostering greater communication and cooperation.

Support the House of Knowledge
Read more about the House of Knowledge and check out this feature in last fall's Viewpoints magazine.

Illustrations: Artist's rendition of the Hall of Knowledge hallway, above, and entryway, below. (Sketches by Arai Jackson Ellison Murakami, Architects and Planners)

House of Knowlege Entry

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