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News from Continuing Nursing Education

  • CNE's largest (755 registrants this year from 24 states and Canada) and longest running (since 1978) conference, the highly rated 31st Annual Pacific Northwest National Conference on Advanced Practice in Primary and Acute Care, was held Oct. 1-4 at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Marla Salmon, on her third day as dean, gave the welcome on Friday and presented the school's annual Preceptor of the Year Awards. The conference featured over 100 speakers, 90 concurrent sessions, and 23 workshops.
  • CNE will have 15 co-sponsoring hospitals (a new record) in the upcoming Medical Surgical Nursing Practice and Certification Review Course (Jan-April, 2009). Using web-conferencing technology to transmit classes from the School of Nursing to groups of nurses at urban and rural hospitals in Washington, Alaska, Idaho and Oregon, this course is rapidly expanding access to evidence-based medical surgery knowledge around the region. Read more...

    In the 2008 class, 205 nurses participated in 12 hospitals. An additional 45 nurses from Washington, Alaska, California, Oregon and Idaho enrolled in an online version of the course this summer and autumn. Seventy percent of registrants, which included several nurse educators from baccalaureate and associate degree nursing schools, reported that this was their first online course. Both the onsite and summer online courses received 4.6 overall ratings and 100 percent said they would recommend it to a colleague! The autumn course is still in progress.

  • Upcoming Conferences
    Dec. 5, 2008- Responding to the Needs of Family Caregivers (featuring Wendy Lustbader)
  • On Oct. 16, CNE graduated its 175th wound care specialist since the inception of its Wound Management Education Program in 2002. The 14th group of students to take this intensive, WOCN-accredited program was the largest class to date (23 nurses from Washington, Oregon and California). The Ostomy Management Education Program (an online program begun in 2006) has graduated 30 ostomy specialists to date. The application deadline for the next WMEP and OMEP classes is Dec. 12, 2008. Learn more...
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