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Laid-off teachers demonstrate, April, 1976
Laid-off Seattle teachers demonstrate near district's Administrative & Service Center, April 9, 1976.*

Washington State Labor Archives Now Online!

Workers erect steel beams
Workers erect steel beams, Grand Coulee Dam, July 26, 1938 (#DAM194)

A new online portal in now available for digital resources associated with the archival collections of the Labor Archives of Washington State, a collaborative project between the University Libraries Special Collections and the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies.

This project of Libraries Digital Initiatives has made hundreds of primary textual and visual resources relating to Pacific Northwest labor history more accessible to the students, researchers and the public to explore the history of workers and labor unions, organizations and individuals that opposed unions of the region.

If you'd like to view materials that have not yet been digitized, contact Libraries Special Collections: http://content.lib.washington.edu/lawsweb/

* Teachers photo by Dan Wallen

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