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From the Dean

Dean Betsy Wilson
Dean Betsy Wilson

We all know that the simple act of reading a book can transport a reader to a different time, a different continent, or just a different state of mind.  No passport required!

Sometimes it’s difficult to fathom the Libraries' reach around the world. We are connected virtually and electronically—our WorldCat finds and retrieves a book or article wherever it resides within the global network. The Libraries strives to be an "any time, any place" resource for our academic community. 

With this issue of Libraries E-news, I am reminded of our responsibility as global citizens. 

The more immediate our connections are, the more important our relationships with citizens of the world become. It takes specialized and dedicated Libraries staff in real time to identify, seek out and make information resources available—from newspapers from countries around the world, to a gazetteer from Iran, to a vast collection of Vietnamese writing.

The world continues to grow smaller, and we at the Libraries are committed to doing our part to shrink the distances between people and knowledge.


Dean Betsy Wilson



Lizabeth (Betsy) Wilson,
Dean of Libraries

* Photo by Cass Redstone

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