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Class of '09 Shows Appreciation for Undergraduate Library

Three class of 2009 grads
Three class of 2009 grads

"Odegaard is a place that everyone uses…" said one member of the UW class of 2009. "If you’re an undergrad student, there’s no way you go to U-dub and not use Odegaard," said another.

Indeed, last year there were, on average, more than 50,000 in-person visits a week to Odegaard Undergraduate Library (OUGL).

Whether seeking assistance in researching a paper, finding a quiet place to study, or meeting with classmates to discuss a project, OUGL is open 24 hours a day from Sunday through Thursday—truly appreciated by a senior who said, "It’s open all night—that’s the biggest thing for me."

Another student expressed appreciation for the "third-floor quiet study area. Another senior said that, "Odegaard is my place to go to when I have nowhere to go to study."

In the words of a graduating senior, "I would like the class of 2009 to be remembered as the class that cared about U-dub and Odegaard in particular."

To show their appreciation for the “any time, any place” resource, the UW class of 2009 raised over $26,000 for an endowment for OUGL programs and facilities. In their words, they wanted to "…give back and make sure that (Odegaard) is there for future generations."

View the class of 2009 gift on YouTube.

* Photo by Marc Studer

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