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Congratulations to Our 2008 Award Recipients

At the annual Husky Marching Band and Cheer Awards Banquet in January, more than 25 awards and scholarships were presented. (See photos from the awards banquet.) These awards are made possible by donations to the band and the generous support of the Husky Marching Band Alumni Association (HMBAA). In addition to the awards listed below, HMBAA provided an honorarium to each section leader and spirit squad captain—18 students in all—in recognition of their invaluable leadership throughout the season.

2008 Award Recipients:
Most Spirited Member:  Andy Fruchterman

Most Spirited Section:  Cymbals

The Sidwell's Hustle Award:  Greg Bickford

The Jacci Snyder Memorial Award:  Krista Horton

The Bandito Award:  Kerri Ondracek

Bow Down Award:  Tucker Kraught

The Allyson Havenar Memorial Scholarship:  Jessica Yang

Husky High-Step Award:  Saxes

Outstanding First-Year Bass Award:  Willy Miller

Most Musical Section Award:  Mellophones

Most Improved Member:  Christian Phillips

Most Improved Section:  Alto Saxophones

Outstanding First-Year Cheer Squad Member:  Adam Yaw

Outstanding First-Year All-Girls Member:  Sydney Mito

Outstanding First-Year Pom Squad Member:  Katie Myiagi

Outstanding First-Year Bandsperson:  Kristen Nelson

Outstanding Returning Bandsperson:  Chris Lennard

Buchheit Scholarship:  Brad Carl

Richard John Bostrom Outstanding Section Leader Award:  Aaron Menkins

HMBAA Scholarships: Angel Saucedo, Dan Reisinger, Megan Wend, Annika Donnen, Andrew Manseth

Bill Cole Memorial Scholarship:  Carl Sandstrom

Bill Bissell Memorial Scholarship:  Ian Johnson

Outstanding Senior Cheersquad Member:  Emily Warner

Outstanding Senior Pom Award:  Megan Wend

Outstanding Senior Bandsperson Award:  Ross Michaelis

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