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College of Education and Alum Updates

Jean Hernandez, '94: Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Alum
The Edmonds Community College Board of Trustees has named Jean Hernandez president of Edmonds Community College. “I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to lead a college with such a strong commitment to student learning and success, as well as one with a reputation as a leader in providing exceptional educational programs and building community partnerships," said Hernandez. More...

Jennifer Hoffman, '06: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Jennifer Hoffman, of the Center for Leadership in Athletics, published a theory paper in the Sport
and Society Journal
. This theory focus paper analyzes the Senior Woman Administrator (SWA) designation in use by the National Collegiate Athletic Administration and presents recommendations for reform of the SWA. More...

Herbert Hoffman, '08: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Herbert Hoffman’s book, Coaching Principles for the Development of Championship Teams: On
and Beyond the Pitch,
was just published by Sport and Society. Hoffman co-authored the book with Peter R.J. Fewing, who was head men’s soccer coach for Seattle University from 1998–2006. This book explores methods for athletic leaders to accomplish championship results on and beyond the soccer pitch. More...

Gail Joseph, '91: Educational Psychology
For two UW College of Education researchers, a huge new federal Head Start grant means the creation of a new center and years of hard work ahead—but most of all, it means helping America’s youngest learners prepare for and succeed in school. The UW will take the lead among seven institutions in a new five-year, $40 million national Head Start grant. The money will be used to create the new National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning, based at the UW. The center’s five-year mission, which began in January, will be to discover and share best practices in teaching and learning for Head Start teachers and others. More...

Samuel E. Kelly, '71: College of Education
Reader, educator, advocate, friend. Samuel E. Kelly was one of the College's most distinguished alums. A new autobiography pays tribute to his legacy. More...

Michael R. MacLeod, '96: Danforth Alum
Michael R. MacLeod, a graduate of the UW Danforth Administrative Credential Program in 1996, recently self-published a memoir that focuses on Thailand and teaching. Footprints in the Mud
offers the reader interesting material about MacLeod’s stint as a Peace Corps teacher in Thailand, while also providing a look at the long career of a teacher.

Caryn Park, '10: Curriculum and Instruction
College of Education alum Caryn Park recently published in the American Educational Research Journal. While studying at the College, Park specialized in Multicultural Education. James Banks was her adviser. Her article is titled Young Children Making Sense of Racial and Ethnic Differences: A Sociocultural Approach. More...

Edward Taylor, '03: Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Ed Taylor, ’03 (also provost and dean of UW Undergraduate Affairs), and his wife, Dr. Sue Taylor, were honored by Gonzaga University, their undergraduate alma mater. More...

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