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Donnajean Carroll-Barton, ‘59, ’67, of Yakima, Wash., is the author of two, novels based on a real-life account about a young man trying to settle estate matters. In Earthwalk and Earthwalk Two, the protagonist’s Native American/Caucasian upbringing tend to conflict in making decisions in life, love and litigation. The retired Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter has completed two more novels, The Mustard Seed and Romeo and WHO?—Memoirs of Wife Five, is active in her local writers club and, with her husband, is a ballroom dance regular. (See her dance the polka to an accordion beat.)

Kareen Borders participated in the NASA Education Stakeholders’ Summit in September. Borders joined five other NASA Student Ambassadors in sharing their personal stories on how they were inspired to pursue careers in science, engineering, technology and mathematics. Borders, who teaches at Key Peninsula Middle School, spoke as a UW doctoral student and later said of the experience, "The week so aligned with my L4L4 goals and my passion. I presented as a University of Washington doctoral student [and] I am hoping to include this as part of my internship portfolio."
Borders is no stranger to awards and honors. In May, she received a PBS Teachers Innovation Award.

The National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning has been awarded by Head Start to the University of Washington Haring Center in collaboration with the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University, Iowa State University, University of South Florida, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Susan Sandall (PI) and Dr. Gail Joseph (Co-PI) will oversee the five-year grant to Head Start Center. This team of collaborators brings a broad range of expertise, knowledge and understanding of educational practices with demonstrated effectiveness in promoting teaching that produces the best possible outcomes for young children. The Center will, among other things, establish a "Head Start University" to develop comprehensive, research-based college courses that can be offered for credit online or in person.

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