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Alum Updates & News

Lynn E. Bragg, '78, has published five books. Two picture books, including:  A River Lost and Seattle, City by the Sound; as well as Myths and Mysteries of Washington, More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Idaho Women, More Than Petticoats: Remarkable Washington Women (second edition, due fall 2010). For more information on this prolific alum, visit: www.northwestbooks.com

News from Georgie Bright Kunkel, '68: “I act in the locally produced nonprofit videos about Credit Card Revolt. MSNBC recently interviewed the head of this movement and the videos were shown on the divided screen. I head a committee to educate the public about Corporate Personhood and
helped produce a skit on video using sarcasm to point up the status of corporations as persons.
I also act in this skit for groups that want to educate people about Corporate Personhood that has been in effect since the 1880s. I head a group of Rosie the Riveters who give programs about WWII women. I got my first pay for being a standup comic and am the oldest standup comic in the Greater Seattle area."

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