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Meet Martinez Scholar Victor Hugo Cantero

Victor Hugo Cantero
Victor Hugo Cantero

Can you tell us about your previous educational experience and/or previous professional experience?  

Working at a farm since the age of 13 has made me realize that in order to escape the life of hard and unpleasant work, I would have to get a university education. I have learned to value hard physical labor and this has pushed me to set high goals for myself.

When I got to high school I had nobody to help me with my homework or push me to take advanced classes. However, I decided to challenge myself and in the end succeeded; this taught me to be independent and to find alternative solutions to any problem I might encounter.

Why did you choose the College of Education?

What inspires me most is change; the change that I have experienced in my own life has affected the life of my family as well as future generations.  My goals are not just for myself, but also for my family.  

Why do you want to become a teacher?  
I believe that a major cause of racial inequality is a result of education. To  achieve equality, students need to feel like they belong in the classroom and be given high expectations. When a minority student is in a class full of white students and teachers, it is easy to feel out of place and inferior; minority students need to see a diverse classroom, including teachers, to be completely equal with their peers.

What are you most excited to accomplish as a future teacher?

To change the lives of children; to nurture their minds and provide them with knowledge that will open doors to better lives. In particular, I want to educate the Hispanic community about issues such as sexual education, health and the importance of being successful in school, as well as guide Hispanic students through their school careers.

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