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Did You Know?

Fun facts on the incoming crop of College of Education students:

  • Enrollment: The College of Education matriculated 464 new students this school year.
  • Degree:  Of these students, more than 200 are pursuing a master's in education, just over 100 are pursuing a master's in teaching, 60 are pursuing a Ph.D., 25 are pursuing an Ed.D., and 11 are pursuing a bachelor's degree.
  • Area:  The largest area represented is the Teacher Education Program.
  • Citizenship:  The incoming students represent 13 countries and 31 states.
  • Prior iInstitution: More than 100 institutions are represented.
  • Month of birth:  July is the most common birth month.
  • Date of birth: The incoming students’ age range spans 43 years.
  • Most common name: Jennifer is the most common name among our incoming students; Sarah and Michael are the next-most-common names.
  • Perfect GRE scores: Five students scored a perfect 800 on the quantitative section, one scored a perfect on the verbal section.

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