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Kent Jewell on King Street Collective Closure
Kent Jewell, College of Ed staffer, was interviewed by KBCS about King Street House Collective closure. More.

Pros & Cons of Depression Screening for Teens
Some pediatricians and mental health professionals believe that many teen suicides can be prevented through a five- to 10-minute questionnaire that singles out at-risk teens for follow-up diagnosis and treatment. James Mazza, associate professor of educational psychology, is quoted. More.

Susan Sandall Celebrated at UW Women's Reception
Susan Sandall was among the honorees at the Celebrating UW Women reception on March 12, 2009. More. (NOTE: link doesn't work)

Play courts at the Experimental Education Unit
Play courts at the Experimental Education Unit

More Room to Romp: New Play Courts Open at Experimental Education Unit
There were a few official remarks, some hearty applause, and then it was time to scamper and play! More.

Garfield High School Program
Eases Freshman Transition

Some incoming freshmen are getting ahead of the curve, thanks to a new program at their school-to-be. Garfield High just launched a new program designed to make the transition to high school a little easier. UW teachers in training are helping to teach courses, providing mentoring, and learning throughout the process. More.

Pay Bump for M.A. Degrees: Better Use?
In this recessionary climate of depressed revenues and budget cuts for education, school districts across the U.S. “would be foolhardy” not to rethink paying teachers for master’s degrees, according to a new report out today. “On average, master’s degrees in education bear no relation to student achievement,” say education researchers Marguerite Roza and Raegen Miller in their short paper, Separation of Degrees: State-By-State Analysis of Teacher Compensation for Master’s Degrees. More.

Roza Research Cited in Ed Week
The "K-12 Spending: No Guarantees" chart is pulled from Marguerite Roza's latest Rapid Response brief (Ranking the States: Federal Education Stimulus Money and Prospects for Reform). More. (NOTE: is this the right link? Doesn't mention Roza)

UW Education Expert on TV
Morva McDonald speaking on King 5 about teacher education. More.

Education Stimulus Money to Affect States Differently
Federal stimulus dollars targeting education will impact states differently, depending on each state’s fiscal condition, according to a new state-by-state analysis from the Center on Reinventing Public Education. (NOTE: no link provided)

Performance-Based College Financing Plans Often Die Young, Researchers Say
Schemes for tying state support of public colleges to performance tend to share the same flaw: They are vulnerable to dying off before they can show how well they perform. William M. Zumeta, a professor of public affairs and education at the University of Washington, is mentioned. More. (NOTE: we ran this in May issue ... repeat now??)

Photo by Kathy Sauber

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