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Norris and Dorothy Haring Center Makes Its Debut

Norris & Dorothy Haring
Norris and Dorothy Haring

The Norris and Dorothy Haring Center for Applied Research and Training in Education houses three individual units: the Experimental Education Unit (EEU), the Applied Research Unit, and the Professional Development Unit. Directed by Dr. Ilene Schwartz, the Norris and Dorothy Haring Center staff is composed of administrative, professional, and support staffers who work together on research, training and service activities.

Created this year, the Norris and Dorothy Haring Center for Applied Research and Training in Education grew out of 40 years of groundbreaking work in special education at the Experimental Education Unit. At the Haring Center, families, researchers, and students work closely on their shared mission of providing inclusive educational services for children with and without disabilities. The Haring Center is proud to be a leader in developing, implementing, evaluating and disseminating strategies to help all students succeed, all teachers be effective, and all parents feel confident and competent.

The Experimental Education Unit continues to be a national and international leader in educating children with developmental disabilities. A model for inclusive education for children with developmental disabilities, the unit continues to serve as a school for children from infancy through kindergarten.

The Professional Development Unit provides professional training to graduate students in the College of Education’s special education department (which is highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report), and to thousands of visitors from across the globe. Trainees have continued on to become leaders in their fields.

The Applied Research Unit houses numerous research projects aimed at improving learning among children with special needs. It is here that researchers develop curriculum and assessment materials, promote research to improve classroom instructional methods, and train professionals to become leaders in their field.  

Professor Norris Haring was the first director of the Experimental Education Unit. He is a pioneer in the field of special education and his work has influenced educators, parents, legislators and policymakers around the country. Dorothy Haring earned a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Washington College of Education.

Read about the planned gift that made this possible.

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