Introducing POD Webinars

Starting this spring, POD expands training options by adding webinars to our suite of offerings. POD Webinars provide another avenue for training and development for busy managers and staff, for UW employees working in remote locations, and for those seeking alternatives to classroom training.

Each quarter, about ten POD Webinars will be offered to UW employees. Presented through a partnership with content provider People-OnTheGo, the webinars will focus on productivity in the workplace and on areas that are integral to peak productivity, including communication, effective processes, and technology.

Webinar Benefits

Traditional classroom training doesn't work for everyone due to individual work styles and communication preferences, work locations, and schedule conflicts. Webinars provide another channel for training and development, and they allow POD to diversify our offerings for UW employees and utilize subject-matter experts from all over the country.

Many UW employees will be able to participate in POD Webinars at their own desks and usual work locations. Since webinars tend to be relatively short and don't require traveling to a classroom, they have less of an impact on busy schedules and office coverage. In some ways, a webinar is more akin to a meeting than to a traditional training—an hour or two blocked out on your calendar.

Some POD Webinars will be broken out into 60- or 90-minute sessions over a few weeks, providing a few hours or even a half-day's worth of training in manageable chunks. In addition, some are offered more than once a quarter to provide you with more scheduling options.

Webinars are a great tool for teams and other work groups. Multiple people—even those at different locations—can participate in a webinar, each from their own computers, and receive the same information, techniques, and tips.

Webinars also provide an economical training option. Not only is less staff time needed to participate in training, POD Webinars will be offered at very reasonable rates. For instance, our offerings for spring range from $50 to $115.

How POD Webinars Work

POD Webinars and quarterly schedules will be listed online, and registration and payment will work much as it does for other POD classes.

After registering, participants will receive an email with login information and instructions. Each POD Webinar will be conducted live by a People-OnTheGo instructor at the scheduled day and time using web conferencing provided through GoToWebinar. After the webinar, login information for a recording of the webinar will be emailed to participants so they can revisit and review the webinar content for up to two weeks.

POD Webinars can be taken on PCs, Macs, and even iPads. Any UW employee using an up-to-date Nebula computer is likely to meet the technical requirements, but you should check all of the requirements before registering for a POD Webinar. See our Taking POD Webinars web page for complete information on webinar registration, technical requirements, and more.

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