Ujima Donalson

A Note from Ujima Donalson,
POD Director

As leaders, we’re always looking for the next big thing—an innovative approach, an exciting new idea, a fresh take on a time-worn theory—anything that may help us be better at what we do. One trend that’s been building for several years now is neuroscience, a field which continues to expand, mingle with a growing number of disciplines, and produce a barrage of self-help books.

As Chuck Pratt writes in the feature article for this issue, “Cognitive psychology is a gold mine for the leader willing to invest some time in digging a little for the tools to help them.” I hope you are able to make time this summer to do some digging in whatever leadership development mine is of interest to you.

My summer reading list includes Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders, which is discussed in this issue’s Leadership by the Book. I’m also keeping my eye on talks released from June’s TEDGlobal 2013 conference, which had four neuroscientists as speakers.

Once you’ve had your summer breather, short or long as it may be, I encourage you to take some time to prepare for fall. For many organizations, summer is a fruitful time for strategic planning and leadership or organizational retreats. If now isn’t the right time for such ventures, consider at least putting a stake in the ground for fall—because we know once the academic year is in full swing, leaders often get swept up in day-to-day, tactical concerns. (See Pierre Khawand’s Ask an Expert article for insights on staying focused.)

In POD, we strive to be a principal source for leaders who are looking for the next thing big, whether that’s through our courses and consulting work, events like the POD Leadership Preview, or the quarterly publication of the Leading Edge. As always, I hope this issue of the Leading Edge will feed your brain and sustain you on your quest to become the best leader you can be.

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