Ujima Donalson

A Note from Ujima Donalson,
POD Director

No matter where we work or what we do at the University, most of us are affected by the ebbs and flows of the academic calendar. With (relatively) warm days finally upon us, we may find deadlines a tad less pressing, workloads a touch a lighter, and schedules a bit looser.

But even as we engage in our favorite summertime activities, many of us also start to plan for and ponder the coming academic year. This kind of thinking—reflective, meditative—always feels good to me. At times when we might feel slightly less pressured or overworked, I think our minds are open to more possibilities. We can more easily weigh a variety of options, consider the big picture, and contemplate the long-term.

With that in mind, Id like to plant a few seeds for the coming months.

The first seed has to do with the SLP Level 2 Leadership Agility Series. Due to its success, this series will be offered again during the 20112012 academic year. Managers, directors, and executives at the UW will have the opportunity to start the series from the beginning, take sessions la carte throughout the year, or attend workshops that they missed due to scheduling conflicts this past year. Looking at the SLP Level 2-related stories below might help you determine if this series is a "must" for you for the coming year.

The second seed has to do with your employees. Many teams gear up for the academic year by having a retreat in the late summer or early fall. Even if just for a few brief hours, its always fruitful to bring a team together to reconnect, talk face-to-face, and communicate about long-term goals and strategies. You can optimize the time your team spends together by calling on one of our Alliance consultants to help with retreat planning and facilitation.

During this time of beach trips and bike rides, I hope youll find opportunities to enjoy some sunshine, recharge your batteries, and ramp up for the coming year!

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