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Mary Gates Hall 10-L



General view Original building along Grant Lane
General view Orogonal building

Mary Gates Hall 10-L

General: Mary Gates Hall (Undergraduate Education) houses the office of the Dean and other administrative offices for undergraduate education including the Honors Program, Program of the Environment and the Gateway Center (undergraduate advising, new student programs, Carlson Office). Career Services is located here along with uwired collaborators, student drop-in computer center with adaptive technology lab. This is a major general use classroom building. The "Information School" is located on the third floor in an area accessible only by a long ramp near Elevator #6.

Parking: Central Plaza Garage (underground) is available. Levels C1 and C2 have wheelchair and disability parking.

Dial-A-Ride: Stop #66 is located on Benton Lane by Seig Hall.

Stop #47 is located at Johnson Circle.

Entrances: Entrance #1 to the commons has a sloped approach, a 36" wide door with an automatic operator and paddle controls.

Entrance #2 to the first floor has a pair of doors with 44" clear opening and automatic operators with paddle controls.

Entrance #6 to ground floor has a 36" wide door with automatic operator and paddle controls.

Elevators: Elevator #260 is located at the main entrance lobby. This elevator serves all floors of the building except parts of the third and fourth floor. Button height 48", Braille markers.

Elevator #259 is a passenger/freight elevator serving Ground through 3d floor of the building. Button height 46", Braille markers.

Restrooms: There are accessible restrooms on all floors. The primary public restrooms are on the first floor near the commons.

Fountain: Accessible drinking fountains are located outside primary public restrooms.

Telephone: There are public telephones inside Entrances #2 & #6.

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