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2021 UW Youth Programs Forum

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2021 Annual UW Youth Programs Forum

  • Thursday, November 4, 2021
  • 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
  • Via Zoom

All UW employees who engage with youth at UW are welcome!

Topics will include:

  • Welcome from Jane Yung, UW Executive Compliance and Risk Officer
  • Supporting staff well-being presented by Megan Kennedy, UW Resilience Lab
  • Updates from the Office of the Youth Protection Coordinator

Additionally, three concurrent small group educational sessions will be offered:

Fostering youth voice in your program

  • Celeste Coler, Joshua Center, Co-Coordinator of Youth Participation
  • Ann Luetzow, Joshua Center, Assistant Director

The UW Joshua Center on Child Sexual Abuse Prevention utilizes an innovative, youth led approach to carry out prevention programming. Presenters will share the work of this newly established Center and describe how youth voice is emphasized in each aspect of the programs offered.

Nurse Camp to Nursing Symposium – Transitioning from in-person to online during a pandemic

  • Cher Espina, Director of Admissions & Student Diversity, UW School of Nursing

Join Cher Espina to discuss how their team transformed their in-person nurse camp to an online nursing symposium during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how the Nurse Camp team made decisions about how to deliver high-quality content to their youth population via online platforms and what changes they made to their programming to achieve their goals and include diverse youth to the program. Cher will also discuss how they are applying the lessons learned from that transition to a potential transition back to in-person, and give you a chance to consider how to incorporate the best of the online world into the next iteration of your own program.

Engaging with families who speak languages other than English in the home

  • Myrella González, Program Manager, College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) and Dare to Dream Academies
  • Senait O. Habte, Assistant Director, Alene Moris Women’s Center, Making Connections Program
  • Tami Tidwell, Counselor/Coordinator, DO-IT

When creating an inclusive atmosphere for youth, most, if not all, coordinators have experienced a language barrier amongst the youth participants and their guardians. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fit all” solution for being inclusive to youth and their guardians from non-English speaking households. However, we are fortunately surrounded by many community partners and leaders with experiences and fruitful advice on how to address the language barrier and cultural differences. Please join Senait Habte and Myrella González in a conversation, facilitated by Tami Tidwell, about how to extend an olive branch to youth and their guardians from diverse cultural and language backgrounds.

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Image of UW Youth Programs Forum in Fall 2019