Youth at UW

Whether someone is joining your team as an employee or as a volunteer, it is important that they receive adequate preparation.

What do new employees and volunteers need most? Fundamentally, they need to know and understand what will cause them to succeed or fail in their job. By providing sufficient onboarding and pre-service training you are equipping them to provide a safe environment for youth, foster positive development and reduce risk of harm.

Consider what a staff person needs to know in order to effectively do their job. Important training topics for staff and volunteers include:

  • Conduct Expectations for staff and participants sample conduct codes available
  • Emergency response and preparedness
  • Equity and inclusion in youth programs
  • First Aid, managing medications
  • Handling conflict between youth
  • HR and personnel related policies
  • Key program components (e.g., activities and schedule) and related expectations for staff roles
  • Parent communication (as applicable)
  • Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect (Required of any new UW employee or volunteer) Online training available
  • Safe Interactions with Youth Online training available
  • Tips on facilitating activities with youth
  • Youth Development- how to safely and effectively work with the specific age of youth you are serving. Especially important if no prior experience with youth or this age group.

A way to make the most of limited in-person pre-service time with your staff is to offer training online. Follow up on these topics in-person to assess understanding and reinforce key points. Reserve content that is best addressed in person for your in-person pre-service training session.

Develop a tracking system, such as an onboarding checklist, to ensure that all employees and volunteers complete required trainings.

Additional onboarding resources